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May 23 Update Todd Just Misses

There were a total of 342 write ins cast. We did not know who they were until today. John Payne got quite a few Dems, I got more Rs than I thought I would (but you can’t combine them). There were the usual “anyone but these bums…Jesus Christ actually got one of them. They gave each of us all reasonable variations of our names. After all said and done Steven, Steve, Stephen, etc got 272. The process was very fair and transparent, so hats off to Dauphin County Elections folks who were there long before I got there, and likely long after I left.

I will keep pushing Rep Payne to take more substantial positions than he has in the past 12 years and build for the future. Right now, I will focus on finding good progressive candidates, or announce intent to run, for Derry Twp Supervisor next year and improving our leadership in our Dauphin County Committee. All are encouraged to join in, or to pick their own issue and charge at it.

We can take our government (back?). But we have to do so. Peace.

May 21  PRESS RELEASESteve Todd May Have Won Dem Write-In for 106th District‏ !!!

It looks like we may well have made it! Pending Dauphin County’s official count. 342 write-ins, I need 300 approved for me. We may have just achieved the extremely improbable and rare PA write-in win.


Dauphin County Election Results for the Primary Election
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
REP 106TH (D Precincts Reported : 36 out of 36

Votes Municipality

201 Derry
57 Swatara
36 Lower Swatara
17 Middletown
16 Hummelstown
12 Conewago
3 Royalton

342 Write-in votes cast, Democrat, 106th (pending official verification)
300 Required legitimate write in votes to get on the ballot

The 12-year incumbent, John Payne, is a Republican. I – or someone – got a few there. I’ll presume he got a similar amount of Dem votes:

John D. PAYNE 2939
Write In 22

Why the Heck Would I do This?

I have announced my write-in campaign for the 106th Legislative District in the PA General Assembly’s House of Representatives.  I’ve stepped up to air issues too often ignored, but of importance to many of us.  The Republican incumbent running for this office is a fine candidate.  But he is running unchallenged in the General election.  This, while 66% of PA Democrats think PA is headed in the wrong direction.

I humbly request you write in my name, in the May 20th Democratic Primary.   If balloted, I will adopt the following platform, in the Nov 2014 General Election:

106th Announcement & Platform

We need 300 Dem write-ins in the 106th District.

Where the Heck is the 106th?

106th District Map

106th District Map

The 106th is shown on the map at the link. It includes Conewago, Derry, and Lower Swatara Twps; Hummelstown, and Royalton Boroughs; plus parts of Swatara Twp and Middletown Borough.

Who the Heck is STEVEN TODD Politically?

My platform Top Priorites  (expanded on “106th Announcement & Platform”) are:


My platform includes (expanded on “106th Announcement & Platform”):

*Charter schools accountability.
**Acknowledge and respond to harm from fracking.
***A generous severance tax and equal moratorium protections from fracking.
****Support organized labor, by opposing ALEC.
*****Offer single payer healthcare, or at least expand medicaid.
******Full marriage equality.
*******Strong climate action plan.

Anyone registered as a Democrat by April 20th may write me in. Anyone so registered is also free to switch to any other party or none at all, immediately after May 20th. Registration Change forms are available at many public establishments, such as the post office, or here:


Who the Heck is STEVEN TODD Personally?

My wife and I run Todd Engineering, a municipal engineering consulting firm. I also blog for Rock The Capital and report for The (Hummelstown/Hershey) Sun.

My professional history is here:


My son attends Derry Township’s public schools, my wife is the chair of Gemma’s Angel’s gardening committee, while working on her Master’s Degree. We live in Derry, with our dog, Rosie and cats Pete and Squeek.

How the Heck do I “Write In” STEVEN TODD?

Very easily.  Print this, and take it to your polling place with a pen:

WRITE IN Voting Instructions STEVEN TODD

Bring two pens and these voting instructions to the voting booth.


Press the “WRITE-IN” button within THAT BOX.

Press RED flashing button in the upper right corner of the voting machine and the   “WRITE-IN” slot will open.

PRINT carefully “STEVEN TODD” with pen on the paper in the slot.

Please double-check  to make sure “STEVEN TODD” is spelled  correctly  or the vote won’t count.

Pull down the cover over the “WRITE IN” slot

Complete the rest of your voting.

Record your total vote by pressing the GREEN VOTE button at the bottom right corner of machine.

You’re done!

Who the Heck has Endorsed STEVEN TODD?

I am honored and humbled to have so far received the following endorsements:

Elected Officials:

State Senator Daylin Leach
State Senator Rob Teplitz
State Representative Jesse White
Steelton Borough Council member Denae House
Shrewsbury Township Supervisor Susan Fox
Derry Township Supervisor Matt Weir
Harrisburg City Council President and Lt Gov candidate Brad Koplinski
Harrisburg School Board member Destini Hodges


Former Gubernatorial John Hanger
State Senate Linda Small
State House Kelly McEntee
Democratic State, Dauphin/County Chair Alan Kennedy-Shaffer
Democratic State, Lancaster Roger Cohen


Proud to have been endorsed by the Capital Region Stonewall Democrats!

CRSD logo

CRSD Endorsement 2014

The list grows each day, so check back often.

How the Heck do I Donate to STEVEN TODD for 106?

I am graciously accepting personal campaign contributions, as I’ve pledged no PAC cash for this write-in effort.

Please make checks out to:

“Steven Todd for 106”
629 Bullfrog Valley Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036-9743

Thank you for whatever you can do.


4 Responses to — > ~ :: WRITE-IN for the 106TH LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT :: ~ < —

  1. Jason Susi says:

    What is oppion on marijunia?


    • steventodd says:

      Jason: I will fight for immediate legalization of medical marijuana. I know too many kids and vets who suffering for us to wait any longer. I support decriminalization of small personal recreational quantities. We are building too many jails and ruining too many lives on non-violent offenders.


  2. Heather Frye says:

    Mr. Todd, I ran into you at my polling place this morning and was glad I did. I admire what you stand for and gladly gave you my vote. We need more truly progressive minds like yourself. If there is anything I can do to contribute, I’d love to know how. Best of luck.


    • steventodd says:

      Heather: Thank you for the support and kind words. If I get the other 298 votes I need (since I’m pretty sure I’m also writing me in), I will be in touch to hear your progressive positions. We The People are awakening and this is our year. Take care. I’m on much social media and will seek you out there…not today though.


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