Foley Finds $500 Fine

From: Steven Todd
Sent: Wed 10/26/11 11:50 AM
To: Most local news and alt media and community activists left, right and center
FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: Derry Township Supervisor candidate fined $500 for violation of campaign finance laws – oct 25, 2011


On Oct 17, Derry Township taxpayer and Write-In candidate for Supervisor Steve Todd filed a Right-to-Know request for Republican nominee John Foley’s campaign finance records.  Foley had never filed this report, which was due in June.

Steve Chiavetta, Director of Dauphin County Bureau of Registrations and Elections told Todd, “Mr. Foley has been assessed the $500.00 fine which will be paid by the November 8, 2011 Municipal Election.  If for whatever reason Mr. Foley does not pay the $500.00 fine and is successful in the Supervisor race, he will not be certified by this office and be (unable) to take oath of office.”

Todd supports this fair enforcement of OUR election laws.  But he wonders about the ability or will of either balloted candidate to get a grip on Derry’s runaway tax expenditures, and the historically-infamous non-constituent influence in Derry government:

“It is less than two weeks before the election.  Neither Foley nor his opponent have taken any public position on any specific issue, that I can find record of.  I have had a platform posted for months, at my site.

Foley fails his first, most basic test of leadership and accountability.  He can’t file his campaign finance reporton time.  This indicates he can’t oversee balancing our books, much less reducing OUR tax expenditures or the non-constituent influence that leads to it.

I would think someone at Harrisburg lobbyists Greenlee Associates or Keystone Strategies would have advised him of this requirement, at the $250/plate “receptions” their websites boast having hosted for his candidacy, in August.  I would not attend a $250/plate Harrisburg lobbyist “reception” to be Derry Supervisor.  I do, however, promise to fight against that very non-constituent influence, if elected.

I ask Derry Township voters to Write In STEVEN TODD for Township Supervisor. Thank you.”
(Sources to references above)
$250/plate “receptions” (links below, screen caps attached as images, in case the links accidentally don’t work)

Contact info for Steven G. Chiavetta, Director
Dauphin County Bureau of Registrations and Elections
2  S. Second St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 780-6360


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