Competitive Bidding and Non-Constituent Influence Out of OUR Derry Govt!

Oct 8, 2011:

How did competitive bidding help our neighboring Conewago Twp save half on their most recent municipal infrastructure project? This link is where their wise Supervisors explain their decision to citizens. I will institute similar savings in OUR Derry Twp…if you’ll let me:

Conewago Saves Half on Park Plan

Why Write me in? Because NO one is guarding the henhouse. We’ve tried The Fox. He hasn’t proven to be a smart choice. I’ll do it…if you’ll let me.

Chair Chris Abruzzo asked Member Sandy Ballard to respond to me, regarding yesterday’s inquiry to our Asst Manager. She stated “HE&R’s website apparently includes periodic updates and instruction to visitors on how to access their facilities which would redirect them away from the Square (which I greatly appreciate). Therefore, the folks involved in the planning meeting thought that HRG should include the H.E.&R. website link to take get visitors to these instructions.”

To which I replied: “Hi Sandy: Please tell Chris I said thanks for asking you answer my concern. This is the innovative partnerships we need to spend OUR $ efficiently. I will update my site accordingly. But, then if HERCO is taking care of traffic routing (again a wise choice) what are we paying HRGPAC $22k for? Seems a hell of a lot for very limited services in Emberg’s letter to our employee. You do know Emberg kicks <I stated a number I believed correct, but can’t find verification anymore…more on that below> into the PAC, right? If not, check it out. It’s all online…where it comes from and where it goes. He’s hardly an impartial source to ask how much things cost. Please tell Chris that $22′ was not well spent at all. Don’t take my word though; ask any engineer not connected financially to HRGPAC.”

Prior to this year, links to all PAC contributors used to be very easy to search here:

I can’t work the reports anymore. If it ain’t broke, folks shouldn’t fix it. Apparently one of my employees at the PA State Dept has, just this year. But names, addresses, dates and amounts of contribution are OUR public records. So, thank goodness for cached files. That way, if someone accidentally makes it so you can’t path directly to a file, you can always grab it that way.

Here is a spreadsheet I made, of a snapshot HRG PAC contributors and State-level recipients for one quarter of 2010:


Two things I note: Firstly, only one PAC donor is a resident of Derry. So the rest of the folks have NO RIGHT to representation by OUR Derry Supervisors. I’ll make sure none of those donors (except that one who is a resident) gets any. Secondly, the PAC doesn’t prefer a certain political philosophy; but hedges it’s bets. It funds Dem Holden and R Corbett in the same cycle, along with Better Govt For PA. Better Govt PA is infamous for funding the favorites of political races. It even funds Dems and R’s running against each other in the same races…such as Dauphin’s current County Commiss race.

Maybe if you and I had as much money to exercise our freedom of speech, things would be different. But we don’t so things are not. I will make them different, at least in OUR Derry…if you’ll let me.

Nov 5, 2014 UPDATE: $31k To Watch a Wall

It ain’t just Hershey: More than $31,000 put toward studying Swatara Street retaining wall in Steelton

$31,000 is at least half the cost of a full-time staff engineer. Municipalities have got to start competitively bidding these professional services.

I wonder if Mike Musser “recommended” HRG provide the service, and then I wonder what qualified professional reviewed and approved that price and proposal?

I’ve been tracking the giveaways to politically-connected firms for quite a number of years, particularly HRG. These firms (not just HRG) are taking We The People to the cleaners. And our elected officials who hire them – most of whom run on ‘fiscal prudence’ platforms – can’t or won’t do a thing to stop them.


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