My Testimony to the Dec 8 Dauphin County Democratic Committee’s Brainstorming Meeting

On Dec 8, the Dauphin County Democratic Committee (DCDC), of which I am an elected member, held a Brainstorming Meeting:

Dec 8 Brainstorming Meeting Flyer

Its stated purpose was “to brainstorm ideas and discuss ways to move the DCDC forward as we move into a new election cycle.”

I was invited by DCDC Chair Rogette Harris to attend. I informed her that I was unavailable, but offered to submit testimony for the event. She asked me to do so.

On Dec 7, I submitted the following.  It was my hope then as it is now that Democrats will heed this well-intended advice from its significant left wing:

Fellow Democrats:

I now work most evenings, so I could not make our Dec 8 Brainstorming. I have submitted this testimony to our Chair Rogette Harris. Consider it as you will going forward.

“Fifty four percent of likely Democratic voters think the party should be more like Sanders. Only 26 percent think the party should stay more like Clinton”

And there we have our solution. To win, Democratic ‘leaders’ need to do what liberals need to do: lead as liberals. It is not hard to understand. We will not win without liberal enthusiasm, and the recent positions of various Dem leaders shows that painfully.

Tulsi Gabbard Set to Join “Veterans For Standing Rock

As GasLand’s Josh Fox says: “Wanna know why Obama/Clinton and the neo-libs lost? NO SOUL. NO GUTS. NO SPINE. NO CONVICTIONS. Service with a smile. This tape makes me sick.”

The tape to which he refers is of Obama’s White House Briefing on #NoDAPL. Bad enough that they waited till Nov 28 to make a statement (for comparison, both Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders made definitive statements on our side months prior. Clinton made a wishy-washy statement about ‘protecting worker safety’ during the battle, while not one episode of threat to worker safely is on record or indicated). But the statement announces that Obama has “no plans to get involved at this time,” then quickly calls on another reporter.

Yeah. Thanks. This as 2,000 U.S. Veterans had pledged to go to Standing Rock on December 4th to serve and protect the people of this nation AGAINST a militarized uniformed force backed by an oil company. These brave and principled folks began arriving Dec 1.

I agree with Fox. This is why Dems lose. When both sides are on the side of those who can afford campaign contributions, the vast majority who can’t afford this access should support neither. Bravo to Obama’s 11th hour and 59th minute position, which seemed due to be more to prevent having to forcefully remove the protestors the very next day (on the Dec 5 deadline announced by the USACE and N Dakota government)…sort of.

It is why we lost POTUS 2016. And why we will keep losing. Dems don’t win dogcatcher without liberal and socialist support. Earn that support or we won’t get it. Take liberal positions of substance. Against conservative positions. Make definitive and binding statements that put you specifically and substantially against our enemies. Our enemies are those fighting for, and those supporting, the global corporate hegemony. Nothing else will do to win us the liberal and socialist support we need to win dogcatcher, POTUS or anything in between.

The Revolution is underway. The sides are not one corporately-sponsored political party against another. The sides are the vast majority of Have Nots AGAINST almost no one who Have. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

It does not look like we will do that, though. On Dec 2, PoliticsPA released a whine-fest…errr, analysis…called “Did Jill Stein Cost Hillary Clinton the Election?”

It was typical of near-identical misplacements of blame too numerous to count. Therein they showed that Stein got more votes than Trump’s margin in MI, WI, and PA; what it called the “three Rust Belt states that Trump was able to steal from Clinton”.

That article, while pointlessly re-hashing the tired old ‘voter suppression and Koch Brothers’ blame, did correctly identify Clinton’s (not Stein’s) problem: “Stein positioned herself as the true progressive champion during the campaign, reaching out to Bernie Sanders supporters.” While Stein was busy doing this, I – along with many hundreds of thousands of liberals and socialists – were begging Team Clinton to both position herself as a true progressive champion, AND to reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters. For months. Team Clinton did neither. Blaming Stein for doing what a candidate is supposed to do is silly.

The article closes with “it appears the left fringe of American politics cost the Democratic Party the White House for the second time in sixteen years.” That statement may or may not be accurate. If so, it is time for anyone who wants a different result to start appealing to the left fringe of American politics, since whining about us not supporting candidates and parties which do not isn’t working out so well.

If our plan for the future is to follow our reinstalled ‘leaders’ Schumer and Pelosi, we will fare no better. If we don’t at least pick a liberal for DNC Chair, we will not garner the support of the left. Trust me on this, please. I hang with the left. Regularly. They/we are not falling for corporate vs corporate-lite anymore.

My top issues are: campaign finance reform, climate change, #EndlessWar. Neither Trump, Clinton, nor any other corporately connected candidate will be allowed – by their financiers – to significantly address those issues, nor most of my other big concerns. So, I have to pursue weakening the system which allows this circumvention of my sovereignty, and try to convince as many others as I can to join me. I will likely fail. But I would rather try to get what I want and fail, than try to get what I don’t want and “win”.

It is the strategy the TEA Party successfully used on the GOP. As much as I disagree with TEA’s positions, I say ‘bravo’ to their strategy. It was 110% effective. I find it not only insane but revolting that we allow only two parties to speak for 315M of us. But if so, then at least one better damned sure speak for me, or I won’t support it.

TEA specifically withheld their votes, went third party, primaried Rs, whatever it took. They did not budge, and the GOP came to them. Why? Simple. The GOP doesn’t win dogcatcher without far right support.

I look forward to working with whomever of whatever party to promote a true opposition to global corporate hegemony.

Steve Todd
Derry Township, Precinct 12 Committee Male


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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