Bernie no Matter what Party if Any: the time has never been better for a better choice

The latest NBC/SurveyMonkey makes a great case that:

1) We have the most unpopular and least trusted major candidates ever, and that

2) the time has never been better for a better choice.

42% Clinton

38% Trump

9% Libertarian Gary Johnson

5% Green Jill Stein

Note that without conservative Johnson and liberal Stein, majority candidates are tied at 47.

Note that with or without minor parties in, no candidate wins a majority of the vote, only a plurality. In such a case, the GOP House of representatives chooses POTUS.

I firmly believe that Bernie POTUS / Stein VP would beat all the other three, no matter who they ran with as VP. I also strongly believe that this would not occur ot with a Stein / Sanders ticket.

TheBern might beat all four no matter who any of them run with, but with Stein still in, her votes hurt him the most.


Consider that no candidate in our history (of any party) has raised as much money, or as high a percentage of their money, from individual citizens in small dollar donations as Sanders has.

And no third party candidate:

1) has received 46% of Democratic Primary support.

2) had the support of 64% of independent voters.

3) has polled nearly as well against both frontrunners the way Sanders does – 15 points above Trump, and beating Trump better than Clinton.

4) faced off against the most unpopular and least trusted major candidates.

The time has never been better for a better choice.

I’m with Bernie if he runs, no matter which stupid party if any he runs in.

Clinton won’t challenge Trump on any liberal position of substance.

She can’t win by tacking left, her only hope is to tack right. Because she has little support and almost no enthusiasm from the left.

Bernie can win by honestly being TheBern. It is huge problem; one our Democratic party had better deal with. But to do that, it will first have to admit the problem exists. And so far, heads firmly in sand.

So we must force their buried heads to notice us.

We do need to get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein into the debates. Here is why.

On Oct 27, 2012 I submitted the following to for publication. It never ran, and that is to bad. That single third party debate covered more important issues than all the countless Obama / Romney debates, watched by few outside those whose minds were already made up:


From: Steve Todd
Sent: Sat 10/27/12 1:13 PM
To: Jeanette Krebs, Patriot Editorial Page (; Letters to Patriot Editor (; Patriot As I See It (
Subject: Letter/Op-Ed Request: Three’s a Crowd

On Oct. 23, I watched the Presidential Debate on C-SPAN. I reported live on my Twitter feed – @stevenwtodd. Mainstream Media barely mentioned this awesome debate!

Obama and Romney were invited, but did not attend. All other announced candidates – Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode, and Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson – gave a nice mix across the political spectrum.

No one promised to cut my taxes. No arguing over who loves military actions more, without mentioning who pays for such passion. All said they would reduce the military and the drug war, with three promising to end the drug war. No arguing over who loves burning coal, gas and oil more, without a peep on how the planet will survive. Climate change was discussed by three of the four candidates. All would level the field to qualify for, and minimize private cash in, elections. Three want term limits, two enough to amend the constitution. Three would give our LGBT citizens equal rights; two want to amend the Constitution so corporations are no longer people. All would have vetoed NDAA and warrantless wiretaps, one calling indefinite detention the “definition of tyranny”. One called both the Democratic and Republican parties “militarist-corporatists”, a claim hard to dispute, given the actions and finances of both. None would allow drone bombing, one called the military-industrial complex “treason.”

Compare this to the discussions during the three Obama/Romney debates, to which only they were invited (Stein was arrested trying to enter one such exclusive function). Perhaps that fact lead Gary Johnson to say: “Whether Obama or Romney is elected, a heightened police state and military presence, and further monetary collapse, are givens.” [280 words]

Steve Todd


About steventodd

Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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2 Responses to Bernie no Matter what Party if Any: the time has never been better for a better choice

  1. james17011 says:

    You and I are old enough to remember what happened last time this happened, a weak GOP candidate and a strong 3rd-party movement.

    It got us Abu Gharib, Gitmo, etc. This time we’re looking at a wall and ICE sweeps. . . .


    • steventodd says:

      Then someone better get out there and earn more votes than the GOP candidate. Jill Stein is looking good. Perhaps others will make their case.

      I hope everyone stops voting for a candidate solely because that candidate is a little better than another candidate. That got us very lame leaders who get nothing that we want done.


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