Bernie Sanders News Conference at the National Press Club, Highlights

“In this campaign we have taken on the entire Democratic Establishment…”

“We have received more individual campaign contributions – 7.5M – than any other Presidential campaign in history…coming from the working class of this country, averaging $27 a campaign contribution.”

“What the Political Revolution has shown is that we can run a political campaign without a Super PAC, and without being dependent on big money interests.”

“People know – whether your progressive or conservative – that a corrupt campaign finance system is undermining American democracy…they understand that when you have a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality, yes, large profitable corporations and wealthy individuals are going to have to pay more in taxes.”

“It is virtually impossible for Sec Clinton to reach a majority of delegates by June 14…with pledged delegates alone. She will need super delegates…Convention will be a contested contest.”

“Many of the super delegates committed to Sec Clinton even before we got into this campaign. In other words, way back then, she was the anointed candidate.”

“While we have won 45% of the pledged delegates…we have won only 7% of the super delegates…we have won 73% of the state of Washington…Clinton has 10 Super Delegates, we have zero.”

“I would ask that the super delegates in those states where we have won decisive victories, or for that matter where Sec Clinton has won decisively, to vote in line with the wishes of their voters.”

“In every battleground state – where maybe the Democrat wins, maybe won by Republican candidate – we beat Trump by larger margins than Clinton [in addition to sweeping national polls for months].”

“What every person in Philadelphia who goes to the Convention understands is that we must have the strongest candidate…I think the objective evidence shows that I am that candidate.”

Full Speech

May 7 UPDATE: And Still, Some Democrats Don’t Get It

Here is a well-written and accurate description of the unfolding which is and will occur. Except the writer still takes the arrogant tone:

“Democrats are eyeing the day after the California primary as a likely time to end this.”

Good for ‘Democrats’. No one asked this Democrat; this former and current candidate, this regular supporter of Dem candidates at all levels, this currently-elected County Committeeperson.

This Democrat is eyeing the Convention as the next time to even evaluate our path forward. Same with hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions, of Democrats…including one Bernie Sanders.

They appear to have not asked Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director, who says herein that: “We’re working with BOTH OF OUR campaigns…”

Hmm…they must have accidentally only asked other Democrats. Like maybe former PA Governor Ed Rendell, who says herein: “But somewhere along the line, particularly after June 7, they will come in and take over the convention.”

Keep on your toes, Berners. No one will ‘take over’ our Democratic convention as long as I am a Democrat. But as we say:


#FeelTheBern…which has very little to do with electing Bernie Sanders, per his words and ours.


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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