“Something’s Happening in the Presidential Campaign,” April 8, 2016 blog by Dave Lindorff

“Something’s Happening…” is an excellent analysis, not just of the 2016 Democratic Primary. Of 2016 US politics:

“Sanders’ growing army of idealistic supporters, at least 25% of whom now say that they could never vote for Clinton”

“Perhaps a Clintonian “scorched-earth” campaign…could succeed in derailing the Sanders campaign… But if it did succeed, there would be no “unifying” possible later.”

The above undeniable truths, coupled with the equally evident situation in the Trump vs lame stream GOP slugfest, leaves the following viable. Not likely, but not at all unforeseeable. So are any number of other scenarios, in the very near future. The two major parties are equally unresponsive, therefore equally broken, and therefore equally vulnerable to such an attack. And that is good for America. Regardless if it happens this cycle or not.


“But what if, as seems increasingly likely, Trump goes to the Republican convention with the largest number of delegates but not an absolute majority, and then at a brokered convention, party leaders install an alternative candidate — either Ted Cruz or perhaps a more “acceptable” candidate? Trump has already warned that he might in that case run as an independent or third party candidate — something he clearly has the support and the money to do.

At that point we’d have a three-way race between Clinton, a Republican and Trump. What would Sanders do then? His backers, who have already provided his campaign with over $140 million in small donations and seem to be a bottomless well of support, will be calling for him to run too. Perhaps he would.

If it came to that, perhaps the Green Party should consider the bold idea of making him its standard bearer — a move that would assure his already high-flying campaign a place on the ballot in virtually every state, and that would simultaneously suddenly catapult the Green Party from an election footnote capable of winning a percent or two of votes to a major-league party vying for the top prize (and maybe some seats in Congress into the bargain)…

The public is ready for such a tectonic shift in American politics. The level of disgust with establishment politics and politicians is palpable on the street, in bars, coffee shops, colleges and workplaces…

With a little help from The Donald, it could even happen.”


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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