Derry Township Voter Asked for Info on Campaign Donations in Derry Twp

@mojojojo17111 at PennLive asked: “As a registered Derry Township voter, I’m very interested in the names of candidates that don’t take the above mentioned “donations”.  Where can I find out that type of info? TIA”

Great question, and one which should be foremost in our ‘issues’ to ask of elected officials.  I gave @mojojojo17111 the following partial list of the usual players, who although they don’t live here, care enough who we care to lead us to shovel money here almost every single year:

“@mojojojo17111 – I am running for Derry Supervisor. Current Supervisors Sandy Ballard and Matt Weir took no cash from non-constituents, or for-profit incorporated entities. I have not and will not. With me joining them, we create a Board majority free of this inherent conflict of interest.

Regular donors to most past Derry Supervisors, and to all three Dauphin County Commissioners include:

– Better Govt PA, among many of Mike Musser’s ever-morphing PACs

– Harrisburg law firm / lobbyists McNees Wallace

– County Commissioner Jeff Haste, who lives in Harrisburg.

– Pittsburgh über-lobbyists Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney (also Harrisburg office, of course).

– HRG, who is our township engineer and overcharges us by multiples of what the competitive free market would bring for comparable services.

Here are this year’s reports for us all, and the past few years are off to the left as you look at this year’s:

BUT (and this is as important as it is boring): the reports which will show almost all shenanigans are not due until Fri, 10/23 (activity till Oct 19), and then especially after the election. Looking at current candidates posting for this year will not show the lion’s share of that person’s donations. For that, look at the past years for Marc Moyer, Sandy Ballard and myself. Susan Cort hasn’t run before.

Here is my ongoing and growing expose of Team Musser’s manipulations in Derry and the region:

“Funny Money in Derry Township?” Posted on November 1, 2013, details how the last time I ran, he and his lackeys spent well into five figures against us, and almost none of the donors to the various PACs, which promptly moved the money to other PACs before the candidates, live in Derry. They beat me, by 161 votes, but my running mate slid through despite cash from Florida, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

I hope this helps you select the candidates funded only of by and for human residents of Derry!”


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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