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Not Much Different…Except When Really, Really Different

On September 23, 2015, Amy Richards Harinath, identified in PennLive as county spokeswoman, told PennLive that: “It [Dauphin County’s fall newsletter] is not much different from the newsletter that Swatara Township sends to its residents featuring photos of the commissioners,” … Continue reading

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Rob Teplitz for State Senate Millersburg Ferry Boat Cruise

Proud to host one of the Good Guys. There are so precious few. Honored to join such ethical and civic minded crew of the Current members of the Host Committee include Jane and Charles Batzel, Steve Todd, Alex Reber, Chris … Continue reading

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Derry’s Right-to-Know

Why don’t our employees want our neighbor to view our records?  But more crucially: what can We The (theoretically sovereign) People do when they defy us? For full disclosure: Rich Suminski was a donor to my campaign for Derry Township Supervisor, which ended … Continue reading

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