Bernie Sanders: Enough is Enough Rally, Nov 28, Washington, DC

Nov 5 UPDATE – Dr Cornell West NOT to Keynote Rally

National Mall
Meet at Washington Monument
2 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20007

This event has become an embarrassing soap opera. And I am going despite the drama and egos. I support TheBern, not the folks sitting back decreeing things. We wanted a candidate unencumbered by corporate cash; this is one of the (relatively minor) costs of that. If it ends up to be a couple hundred of us with signs of support for TheBern and/or his issues, I’ll blog that. I hope to see you there.

No signup sheets, put up to be taken down when someone has a hissy fit. No lawsuits. No daily breathless proclamations that “this is the real event”. We…you, me and about 120,000 of us long ago proclaimed we would meet up on the National Mall to freely and peacefully demonstrate our support for a candidate for public office.

That is what I will do.

Here is the FaceBook Event. It will not be taken down.  There will be no posting to the event to entertain egomaniacs who need attention.

Affordable buses requires enough leaving from each area, usually 25. If that bus does not fill, that route will be cancelled, and you will not be charged

I hope to see you there. In Solidarity. #FeelTheBern

Oct 25 UPDATE:  Is the Bernie Sanders Rally in DC a Hoax or a Scam?

NO!  (Or: I don’t think so.  But: if yes, SO WHAT? Go Anyway!)

Sorry for all the changes, but as 120k+ volunteers grab hold of this unprecedented and unforeseeable monster’s tail…

TheBern is not as far as I know speaking, but is (hopefully) still invited. I am going no matter what, but I understand if others are exhausted by the endless “this is the real deal, none of the others exists” horsey poop.

Despite the plethora of Canadian flags in the picture of the current incarnation, and that the organizers are acting unprofessionally, I don’t think it is a scam, as my readers have been repeatedly asking me, from across the nation.

To alleviate this concern. I may create an event on, if I can figure a way to not take credit for it, which I don’t deserve.

Amanda Copeland and Karen Sterling (and maybe others) are attempting to co-opt OUR COLLECTIVE rally, in its entirety. They feign confusion on what anyone who mentions its previous incarnations is talking about, and remove and ridicule reference to our months of hard work. Do not be turned away by this arrogance. Stay on board, and let’s make this work. Together.

After contacting me out of the blue, Amanda stated “I am the organizer of the 100,000+ Enough is Enough Rally Bernie Sanders for Pres…We moved the event over to Event Brite…”

At first, I declined her plea to help out again. Not because I am no longer interested, because I am going no matter what the day, or who gets the final credit. I declined because, as I explained to Amanda: “I am afraid this is losing steam. Folks are not going to keep up with this drama. I will keep it on my calendar, but I am done signing up anew, and losing credibility by breathlessly announcing the new improved version. I hope to see you there. Best luck.”

Amanda persisted very nicely, so I agreed to share this invite. At risk to my credibility. Because TheBern is that important. To minimize my exposure to this decline of credibility, I opted to continue my running blog, which I shared in various places.

Amanda and Karen then both claimed to know nothing of what they refer to as “some other rally” by the exact same name, at the exact place, that had over 120k listed as ‘Going” for months. Recall how the alternative press (upon which we rely for any semblance of a level playing field) was all over our efforts. Then we are to believe that Amanda and/or Karen and/or whomever come up with THE EXACT SAME NAME as our evolving rally, in that case? I don’t believe that is true.

This event is an evolution, of ALL our efforts. It might even still succeed, despite the destructive snipping thus far; despite slapping the 120k+ in the face by now co-opting the idea, seemingly to get the credit. If we hope to attract 1/10 of the original 120k, we need all the publicity we can get, so let’s hang together, instead of trying to disavow each other.

My blog is documenting this fascinating evolution to where we stand today. It will continue to do so long after TheBern is seated as our POTUS! Mine may be the only account of all the different iterations. At each step, though, someone steps forward, with the inevitable but completely unnecessary ”this is the real event, those other dummies are poopy heads,” breathlessly proclaimed in its little self-important vacuum.

Evolving leadership and dates, when taken in context, are typical of a large grassroots movement. They are not license for the latest folks in the succession we have all worked hard on to claim sovereign domain over. Unless someone pulls a trademark on the event, it is all of ours…which is the only reason 120k+ originally signed up.

Of course, once I explained this, the insults really escalated “Are you really for Bernie? Men are so touchy about their place in life,” Karen asked, then noted in innocent bewilderment, after contacting me out of nowhere, calling my running blog about OUR phenomenal, crowd-sourced and unprecedented success called “a bull***t post”, asking me to “cease and desist”. I, of course, will no more stop than do I hope she or any of the other 120k+ do. We #FeelTheBern, despite ulterior motives and petty desires for 15 minutes in the sun.

We have not time nor energy to expend on this infighting.

“They’ve got the guns, but we got the numbers. Gonna win, yeah, we’re taking over” as Jim Morrison famously said. He was right, and so are we. In our broken political arena, “the guns” are “money”. We will beat those guns, if even despite ourselves.

We are in this for not less than a revolution, whether TheBern wins or not. His candidacy is but a spark and current focal point of our efforts. #EnoughIsEnough

We’re just getting warmed up. Our candidate must say what we believe. He must call the game rigged, he must call to dismantle the biggest banks, he must say we are starting a revolution, and that capitalism as currently aligned does not work. Otherwise, he is just one of the five, and his million enthusiasts shrug and sit it out.

We will not do that. Peace.


Original Aug 18 Publication:

Over 40,000 new signers in a week and a half, and over 1,000 in one hour. The crickets (bought and paid for) on lame stream media over this can’t drown us out. The detached arrogance of The Political Class is staggering, given how easy it is to bypass corporate media nowadays. As they continue to pretend we don’t exist, let’s continue to exist…if only to spite them.


Click “Going”

Tentative date: Saturday, October 17

The Mall, Washington, District of Columbia

Imagine if 100,000 of us all traveled to Washington D.C. to hear Bernie Sanders speak! Think of the message that would send! 100,000 people already gathered for Bernie across the nation on July 29, 2015. And we’ve taken over 36K RSVP’s in less than 1 week, for this IDEA. We can do it again, this time together in D.C.!

What you can do to make this happen:
1) RSVP by clicking ‘Going’ here:
2) Click on Invite to invite friends you know
3) Click on Share to spread the word about this Bernie event!

Continue building on the historic success and breadth of our July 29 Organizing Kickoff House Meetings, attended by over 100,000.

We must go directly to the public, busting through the billionaire’s corporate media firewall black out. It is purposely misinforming, distorting, and misrepresenting Bernie’s Agenda for America, and its massive unprecedented growth.

Join us, as we create an event that will tower over the billionaire’s corporate media firewall. We call to action our millions of fellow disenfranchised, disempowered, and disillusioned to join the political revolution, register to vote, volunteer, run for office, mobilize folks to get to the polls and vote, win and reclaim and save America’s democracy.


NOTE: This is only an IDEA at this stage. If we get enough RSVPs (100,000) we will submit to Bernie’s campaign team for endorsement and coordination.
TheBern is surging; not maybe and not just in NH, where he also beats Clinton.

Iowa State Fair 2015 Straw Polls (w/in party)

Sanders 52%
Clinton 42%

Trump 28%
Carson 18%

Others single digits

TheBern statistically tied HRC in NH averages (beating her in some), the only other state with primary polling so far.

New Hampshire Polling

TheBern is the only Dem steadily closing in on HRC’s lead:

Dem Polling Nationwide

Aug 24 UPDATE: Almost There !!!

88,000 have signed up as “Going”. Another 9,000 as “Maybe”.

Spread the word.  At 100,000, we will ask the campaign team for endorsement and coordination.

Aug 26 UPDATE – 100,000 +

Over 100,000 Going. Over 10,000 Maybe RSVPs. So far. #FeelTheBern

Conference call is scheduled, for Aug 26, 6 pm Central Time (7 EST)

Call will discuss how to “proceed in the best interest of the Bernie 2016 National Campaign” (See event for details)

We will ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬.
With no cash.
With no media.
With ridicule, lies and slander heaped daily.

We feel it anyway. Please join us.

Oct 7 UPDATE – Rally Date: November 28

The Rally date has been firmed up to Nov 28, at 10 am.  Here is the FaceBook Group.

Oct 18 UPDATE – “Official” Registration Site

This is the “official” sign up. I know, I’m sick of all the new and improved versions too. Please sign up if you plan to join us in attending the DC rally to support Bernie Sanders​ for POTUS 2016.

Rally Buses are forming all over the US.  The deal is RallyBus locks in the amount of the charge for a trip BUT DOES NOT ACTUALLY DEBIT YOUR CREDIT CARD.  If enough tickets sell, the charge goes through.  If not, it does not.

Oct 23 UPDATE – Dr Cornell West to Keynote Rally

Dr West is an outspoken civil rights activist, American philosopher, academic, intellectual, author and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Dr. West was the first African American to graduate with a Ph.D in philosophy from Princeton University where he taught on the faculty in the Center for African American Studies for years. He is now a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City.


About steventodd

Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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6 Responses to Bernie Sanders: Enough is Enough Rally, Nov 28, Washington, DC

  1. Mike says:

    What the hell is going on with this thing.. I’m going with a few friends regardless, but there’s a lot of conflicting info floating around, and now THIS:

    What’s the best source of information for this rally to share to others?



    • steventodd says:

      Your guess is as good as mine. This thing is an embarrassing soap opera. And I am going despite the drama and egos. I support TheBern, not the folks sitting back decreeing things. We wanted a candidate unencumbered by corporate cash; this is one of the (relatively minor) costs of that. If it ends up to be a couple hundred of us with signs of support for TheBern and/or his issues, I’ll blog that. I hope to see you there


  2. DeeDee says:

    As I read through this, I am reminded of the drama I went through while planning a Children’s Rights Rally in 2010. I did a bulk of the work because I was unemployed at the time. In the final days of preparation, it was ripped right out from under me and the people I had worked so hard with to organize. It was all ego and power plays. I can’t understand why people would let something that or this important get so out of hand. I know that I’m planning on being there as I live close enough and I grew up in the DC metro area. It will be easy for me to attend. As long as we stand together and focus on our goal, it will work. I don’t see any reason to worry about who is trying to take over or take the credit. Even if we walk around with Bernie tshirts on en masse, it will make a statement. It’s just good to know that having permits with the Nat’l Park Police doesn’t cover the Capitol grounds and DC is not what it was when I was a child growing up there. Since , 9-11, they watch every move. They will kick us to the curb without proper rally permits. I wouldn’t want to go down there and be the death of his campaign because the permits are cancelled or the organizers have attitudes which, in turn, may cause trouble or embarrassment.


    • steventodd says:

      That is the spirit, and I hope to meet you there.

      It is not the egos that are killing this, per se. It is this ability to gather thousands of names, then remove all trace of that list on a whim that is. If the latest egomaniac would simply say “I’m out, here’s the list and website, I wish you the best.” Or don’t even wish those remaining well.

      As to the permits, I will be there, and I will stand peacefully. If there is a law against standing, I will sit. If sitting be forbidden, I will walk. They sure as hell can’t stop everyone from walking around our National Mall.

      As to our attitudes, we do have attitudes. We have the firmly grounded belief, by looking at the world around us, that our #BrokenSystem does not represent any significant number of us. Further that tweaking around the edges won’t fix it, and switching back and forth between two broken parties that both need the same for-profit cash to run hasn’t.

      If such an attitude ruins this campaign, then so be it. We are starting a political revolution to make our government of, by and for us. Whether TheBern wins or loses this race is inconsequential.


  3. Elaine Maitz says:

    So…Saturday November is still the correct date for this RALLY???


    • steventodd says:

      That is when I will be there. Please join me. Ignore all the childish banter over who is in charge, who will appear, what permits we need. We are free to be present in our National Mall. Come be present with me.


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