#‎WhatAreWeWaitingFor Rally for medical marijuana #‎MMJ

#WhatAreWeWaitingFor? on medical marijuana #MMJ?


#SB3 as-is will fly through, with a solid, bipartisan majority today, as it would have the day it passed the Senate overwhelmingly. As would have almost identical #SB1182 last session, were it to have been allowed to a vote.

And yet we wait.

88% of PA wants medical marijuana. Of the remaining 12%, 2% are undecided. This mirrors its 80%++ popularity in the USA.

10% of us could not keep something away from the rest of We The People, in a functioning democratic republic.

10% of us are keeping something away from the rest of We The People right now.

And yet we wait.

Vote on #SB3, which passed the PA Senate by a margin mirroring its popularity, and would do so today in the PA House.

Governor Wolf says he would sign it, unlike the guy he beat in a landslide, who said he would not have.

We have the upper hand. Let’s not let the few and shrinking number of opponents twist that around.

We continue to withhold medicine from our sickest, including kids and vets, in the name of some failed Drug War that has never kept one intoxicant from one person who could afford it.

And yet we wait…no more, PA General Assembly. No more! #WhatAreWeWaitingFor?

Tu, 9/22, 1-2 #‎WhatAreWeWaitingFor Rally for #‎MMJ
with Senators Mike Folmer (R) & Daylin Leach (D)
PA State Capitol

…and make a day of your trip to the ‘Burg!

One of the main reasons we need more choices at the ballot is so we can get action on widely popular initiatives, such as medical marijuana, which 85%+ of PA wants.

Tu, 9/22, 9 am State Government Committee hearing scheduled for SB 495, the Voter’s Choice Act, to allow more equal access to the ballots.

Hearing Room 1
North Office Bldg.
Harrisburg, PA

Sen Folmer, the Prime on #SB3 for #MMJ, is the Prime on this truly bipartisan bill, SB 495.  He Chairs the State Government Committee, which is hearing it on this day.


About steventodd

Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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