Local Support For PA State Police Commissioner Brown Grows Via Email

A neighbor of Commissioner Brown’s just sent this. Apparently it’s being circulated through some unspecified “neighborhood email list”. Copied here verbatim, incorrect spellings noted but unedited:


‘I’ve had several people inquire about what is going on. Here is a short synopsis.

The Governor appointee to head the PA State Police lives in Pine Brook. There is a group of people opposed to his confirmation. Last week they surveyed his home, followed him as he left for work (left inappropriate signs near his children’s bus stop to embarrass him and his family) then videoed him removing the signs. Essentially stalking him and his family. This week someone placed mail directly into his mailbox with a derogatory racist message (it was not sent through the US Postal Service) for him, meaning someone was at his house again this week. The Chief of the Hampden township police is a member of this group opposed to his confirmation and has publically (sic) through social media announced he’d do everything in his power to keep him from being confirmed. I called the chief of police, he offered no additional units to pass through the neighborhood but essentially said that “if you see something, call us and we’ll come”. It’s absolutely crazy. I think the chief of police needs to answer for his poor judgment and this bullying must stop. If you Google it, it’s been all over the press in the last couple of weeks. The District Attorney for Cumberland County has taken over the case due to a conflict of interest because Chief Junkin was inappropriate and his arrogance it (sic) inappropriate. Talk to your neighbors, contact the Senators, we’ve spoken to Al Beinstock (township commissioner) who has said it’s an HR matter but would like to hear from the residents of Hampden township. We’ve even written to the Governor. I’ve never taken on such a cause but these actions are frightening, my children are concerned about their safety and I too am concerned about Pine Brooks safety.

There is a FB page – Colonel Marcus Brown Pennsylvania State Police, feel free to like it as many of the neighborhood are already doing.

I’m sure this is the last thing you would expect in our neighborhood. Be vigilant and report anything that is not the norm for your area. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Let your voices be heard. There is a link to a poll from the Morning Call asking if the Governor should pull his support for Marcus. Please take the time to vote (copy and paste the link) for a strong NO! This group appears to stop at nothing to terrorize the neighborhood, like nothing is off limits. Like the FB page!!! Show your support for a strong leader…..one the PSP obviously needs right now.



I add the FB Page the email references.



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