The ‘Jackie’ Story Did Not Hurt

The sky may not be quite falling, but journalists everywhere are already presuming significant fallout:

…from a botched attempt to tell the world exactly what happened to ‘Jackie’:


The ‘Jackie’ story did not hurt the movement to hold our miserable and spineless elite to the “tough on crime” standards were proudly puff our chests onto our less affluent who crosses the street in a hoodie not to our liking. It emboldened other victims, and brought renewed attention to victims who have been saying the same things about @UVA for years…with their names attached.

Look up Liz Securro, as just one example, who tells an almost identical tale…since 2011:

Dean Robert Canevari, @UVA, tells raped she “had sex…didn’t want my parents to know,” in 1984. Police not called.

Dean Robert Canevari, @UVA, now “claims to have no memory of meeting with” rape victim in 1984.

Interfraternity Council denies, and University Police have no record of, meeting with @UVA rape victim Liz Securro.

Sloppy Reporting.  That is All

Sloppy reporting with ‘Jackie’? This reporter says “sure”. But by all accounts something predatory happened to this victim. And some folks who could afford cover came out smelling like a rose. Again.

So run a retraction (done), and a revised report (reportedly already underway).

Irreparable? The average American will forget this specific story in a couple weeks. Afterword, we can get busy fixing a TRULY irreparable wrong; we very likely are well underway:

“@UVA often expels students for academic (wrongs) but has never once expelled a student for rape.” via @rollingstone


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