Warren for POTUS…But Only if The Political Class’s Funders Allow it.

“So let me say this to anyone who is listening at Citi(group): I agree with you. Dodd-Frank isn’t perfect. It should have broken you into pieces.” ~ Senator Elizabeth Warren, US Senate Floor, Friday, Dec 12, 2014

Watch her detail, on the Floor of the US Senate, exactly why she thinks – and I firmly believe most Americans, of all political persuasions think – that Citi need broken up, around time 5:55:

Then, around time 7:00, she reminds us all of history.  For some reason, most of The Political Class has forgotten this:

“…a lot of people talk about how those trusts deserved to be broken up because they had too much economic power. But Teddy Roosevelt said we should break them up because they had too much political power. Teddy Roosevelt said break them up because all that concentrated power threatened the very foundations of our democratic system.” ~ Senator Elizabeth Warren, US Senate Floor, Friday, Dec 12, 2014

Not Just Liberals


Teddy was a principled Republican – I know, Bull Moose, but still – he was a leader. The author of that article goes on to say:

“A populist who talks like Elizabeth Warren and really means it is a Democrat a conservative like me would consider voting for, despite her social liberalism.”

As a liberal Dem, I hope the race is Warren vs Cruz, for this very reason the author states: Not just on banking/Wall St, but any issue of substance. An HRC vs whatever milk toast neocon will be a pep rally about the flag and great jobs and stuff.

We don’t need that. We need leadership, of any political stripe.  But will it be enough?  A month ago, I grudgingly admitted “No.”  Now, I still lean no, but Americans have a way of surprising folks…especially other Americans.

Not Just the Anti-HRC

Tweeted @WashTimes Dec 12: Watch out Hillary! Obama campaign alums beg Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016. http://fw.to/UCUOj1Y

I add that so do many of HRC’s alums.

I voted for HRC over Obama, and I had an “HRC in ’08” bumper sticker in 2004. I was the first person in this area with an HRC bumper sticker that I knew of. Way bhen Bill Clinton ran, I wished HRC would have instead, and told folks so (even as I backed and voted for Bill).


“Time HRC START” worrying? She either has been worried for some time, or is not perceptive enough to lead our nation.

Tongue in Cheek?  

“The crucial distinction Warren makes is this one: It’s not just social conditions like globalization and technological change that threaten the middle class. It’s an active conspiracy by the rich and powerful. The game is rigged. The proper response is not just policy-making; it’s indignation and combat.” ~ NYTimes’ David Brooks


Tongue in cheek?  Sure.  Brooks is a well known (and well-respected, by me) conservative commentator.  He can be expected to paint we libs in a comical light, as we of thick skin accept it.  His larger point is dead on though: a growing number of we libs will do all we can to reduce our backing of Republican-lite candidates.

Brooks goes on to point out what I see and hear every day, albeit in whispers, lest polite company is offended:

“According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month, 58 percent of Democrats said they believed that the economic and political systems were stacked against them.”

Will The Political Class’s Funders Allow it?

Sounds good. Who runs, however, is solely determined by money. The desires of the electorate have almost nothing to do with the vetting of candidates.

Warren will not run if we can’t raise her the $1B minimum entry fee, she will if we can. It is that simple.

Whoever runs, no R being bandied will break 40% against HRC or Warren, except Romney or Jeb Bush. And Anne Romney says no way.

We DON’T Need Warren in the US Senate!

Oh, to those tireless calls that “We need Warren more in the Senate”:  nonsense.  No US Senator has a fraction of the ability to act unilaterally as POTUS, forgetting even the Bully Pulpit. Not even Majority Leader, which Dem moderates would never let her take, even if we do retake the Senate (doubtful at rosiest).

Further Reading – Dems: No More Republican-lite Candidates 

This excellent Dec 17 Phillydotcom OpEd about the #‎Cronybus Bill sums up where the next Democratic candidates this Democratic Committeeman will bother backing had better stand: with Warren and me!

I have had it with Republican-lite candidates losing to (or beating, it matters little) Republicans.

“both parties were clearly terrified that a real discussion of the issues might have screwed up their real mission”

Among the sell-outs were ‘liberal’ Philadelphia Democrats Bob Brady, Chaka Fattah, and Allyson Schwartz. (I add Dem Senator Bob Casey to that list ‘of the people’, see my blog on #Cronybus Bill: https://steventodd.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/cronybus-spending-bill-re-privatizes-profits-and-re-socializes-risks-and-costsby-one-vote/)

“…veterans of Citigroup have dominated the Democratic Party establishment for quite a long time…”

‘not really dealing with divided collection of conservatives or liberals…1 nebulous mass of influence’

‘next march and rally can pay a visit to Citigroup with this message for Wall Street: #‎HandsUpoDontLoot’


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