#ThisStopsToday…or Does It ?

Bravo to all who braved the wind and rain to speak out on this ongoing injustice in the USA. The haters and cowards and racists are out in force in the comments section following this article. Please consider a comment in support; signed comments add credibility:


This same week, a Director and a Senior Associate Dean joined a “Die-In” at my alma mater PSUH, as we added our voices to the Christmas tree lighting on Thursday, and #‎Ferguson2Miami shut down I-195 on Friday, and six more schools around Denver walked out of class. Soon even the most sheltered will have to notice. If not, the protests will continue.

To the (almost solely anonymous) charges of playing the dreaded “Race Card”: hogwash. Our argument is the dual path to justice in America, and the institutional – not individual – racism that allows and rewards it. The comparison between the two are necessary, since there are some who haven’t noticed it. I have heard no one applaud anyone’s law breaking or martyring any lawbreaker; claiming we are doing so is deflection. The race card must be played, because it is the only reason the repeated incidences recur.

Racism was the case here as with the countless times people of color are punished disproportionately to their “crimes” (selling cigarettes, or in #‎Trayvons case, walking while black). If a cigarette salesman needs strangled for resisting arrest, then surely the white CEO of JPMorgan Chase who looted the global economy doesn’t deserve a multi-million dollar raise…or vice versa. Pick either one, and your defense will at least be logical.

That is our reality, and what we protest: a black man has to be more careful about what he says to a cop than a white man does. And how he walks through a store. And how he drives. And walks. And looks at people. A non-white person must leave his or her house in a different fashion than a white person, for best chances of returning.

I believe that pretty soon, the USDOJ will have to find a pattern to our dual justice tract and propose a fix. We simply can’t keep allowing white dudes in ties to loot the planet with impunity, while strangling a black guy selling cigarettes (I know, I know: Illegally). We The People must not stand for it.”

Until then? We keep protesting our discontent at the #HandsUpDontShoot #ThisStopsToday protest outside tree-lighting ceremony at the PA State Capitol, Thursday, Dec 4 (Photo Credit: James Robinson, PennLive.com)

Me at the #HandsUpDontShoot #ThisStopsToday Protest

Me at the #HandsUpDontShoot #ThisStopsToday Protest

What Can You Do Next?

Please join our Sat, 12/13, 2:00pm – 4:00pm “Die-In” for Mike Brown on Capitol steps



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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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