PA Governor’s Race. Only One Candidate will Allow the Sick to Have Medicine

Way to go, Antania! This is what democracy looks like, especially when someone keeps your doctor from recommending a leaf to help your illness.

Not a Corbett.  Deserves medicine nonetheless.

Not a Corbett. Deserves medicine nonetheless.

In the words of Antania’s mom, my friend Jessicah Hawkins, these are the names of PA Governor Tom Corbett’s “Wife, kids and grandson. I also waited until he stepped out of the car to ask him how many seizures his grandson had that day. Done playing games with the guy.”

But Why?

Why does PA Governor Corbett deny Antania medicine? And what would his opponent do if elected to replace him next month?

Corbett vs Wolf on Medical Marijuana.  I personally heard both candidates say these quotes. (courtesy of Keystone Cannibis Coalition)

Corbett vs Wolf on Medical Marijuana. I personally heard both candidates say these quotes. (courtesy of Keystone Cannibis Coalition)

Astounding. Already, the very next day, someone on PennLive denied The Corbster said that. I copied and pasted that very quote, along with one of the many links available to it.

The choices are stark, and this issue most clearly summarizes the different directions each will take us. Thanks to Keystone Cannibis Coalition for another fabulous graphic.

Medical Marijuana Opposition is #OutOfTouch

Medical marijuana is not a debatable topic. The writer correctly identifies that almost all in both PA and the USA want it, and are slowly prying it from the resisting fingers of conservative governments (progressive and moderate governments nationwide having long embraced and endorsed it.

Corbett does not support #MMJ. He says he supports – but has made absolutely no verifiable progress in initiating – studies of one (1) of the countless medicines in the cannibis plant (CBD), at just two (2) hospitals in our expansive Commonwealth of 12 million citizens. And this only in response to months and months of lobbying for #MMJ in an eerily silent absence of lobbying against it. Otherwise, he would never have proposed even that.

The #MMJ debate has long been settled, to all but an insignificant minority, irrational counterpoints aside.

The only reason that #SB1182 was not allowed an up or down vote, which our exhaustive research has shown would have passed the House almost as overwhelmingly as it did the Senate and possibly even in a veto-proof fashion is because of Tom Corbett’s opposition, and Mike Turzai’s hunger for Speakership.

Our 80%+ approval is reflected in the unanimous vote out of the Law and Justice Committee this bill enjoyed. It was reiterated as accurate by the 86% with which it flew out of Appropriations. Both with Republican majorities, but the way. These hugely bipartisan votes also reflect the overwhelming majorities across all demographics in the polls showing at least 80% and maybe 85% support of medical marijuana among We The People.

The Lies from The Corbsters

This article explains Governor Corbett’s Republican party’s puzzling steadfast denial of at least 80% of We The People:

“What exactly does it do? Do you guys know what it does?” said House GOP spokesman Steve Miskin, addressing reporters. “Do you know it sets up a whole new bureaucracy and industry?”

Yes, Mr Miskin. Despite your very hard-to-fathom confusion and surprise by this heretofore unheard of issue, they and the 80-85% of PA who want medical marijuana know what #SB1182 does. Exactly what it does. We know it requires a small “bureaucracy”, not more than having me as a PA licensed engineer does (and with no hearings). Every thinking person everywhere knows it will create industry, which GOP usually approves of. But that is far down the list of good things it does.

We know this for the same reason you and every, single member of the House has to also know this. The news has been plastered with it, and hundreds of mothers of sick kids and vets have been inundating everyone who can’t outrun them with all the data anyone could ever read for at least the last year.

More Lies from The Corbsters

The article above also states that: “It’s marked here by the draft board: ‘FR’ — failed to report. He did not show for his pre-induction physical, said Sam DeMarco, of the group called Veterans and Patriots United.

Sam DeMarco is not JUST with a group called Veterans and Patriots United, whatever that is.

DeMarco – who accidentally misread Democrat Wolf’s military paperwork, four weeks before election in which he is heavily favored over a Republican candidate – is much better known as a regularly outspoken member of the:

North Fayette Republican Committee
Republican Committee of Allegheny County
100 Fleet Street, Suite 205
Pittsburgh, PA 15220


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