Gene Stilp – Watchdog for Henhouse of PA Capitol

While much of the political world worries itself about how many of each team was called out in #Porngate:

Democratic candidate for the 104th legislative district Gene Stilp calls for investigation into Democratic Justice McCaffery. Stilp adds to his decades-long history of calling for justice, regardless of which party is in focus.

I missed his Republican opponent Sue Helm calling for same against high-placed Republicans. I’ve missed her taking any substantive stance on any controversial issue.  I’d bet you’ve missed Helm standing up, during any of her several terms in office, as well.

She hasn’t, and won’t.  Because she can’t.  She is a function and product of our broken two-party duopoly that put her there.  Fix it.

104th voters: On Nov 4, choose Stilp. Send a watchdog to guard the henhouse of the PA Capitol.

PA Legislative (House) District 104

PA Legislative (House) District 104


Gene’s invitation to a debate, in time and place of her choosing:

Was rebuked that very day.  Representative @RepSueHelm won’t debate challenger @GeneStilp. Helm calls debates “staged events…do very little to truly educate voters or inform taxpayers”:

Oct 28 UPDATE: People Pressure

I am proud to have been one of the many, many “people put the pressure on (Stilp) to run,” as noted in PennLive today:

Our trust in our elected officials at all levels, from both the only two broken teams allowed at the table is abysmal, and Stilp is being modest when he calls himself a ‘watchdog’.

Helm is the embodiment of what is broken, and she doesn’t seem to even know it. She appears to list as a reason to vote for her, that “I do know how to work the system and I do do it,” and that she graciously gives away perks to which she and everyone who takes them have no legal right in the first place.

We The People of all political beliefs need 200 Gene Stilps in elected office. We have a chance to get one, if the wise folks of the 104th will allow us that chance.

Helm beat Stilp by only 313 votes in 2010. That’s 1.4% of the vote, and the district has become significantly bluer since then. This is doable, but certainly slanted in Helm’s favor, registration-wise. We have been knocking, calling and meeting with folks. Gene has kept a very high profile since 2010 (as before). Spread the word. Let me know if you want a yard sign, I’ll bring you one.

Steve Todd; Host Committee, Gene Stilp 2014;


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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