PA DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo’s Resignation, What it Means and Where from Here

Resignation Email Notice to Employees (Oct 6 UPDATE: I have been made aware that this is only a portion of that document.)

Today, I sent Governor Tom Corbett the official notice of my resignation from the position of Secretary at the Department of Environmental Protection, effective immediately.

Since first becoming Acting DEP Secretary on April 13, 2013, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the most distinguished, extraordinary individuals in state government; individuals who dedicate their lives to carrying out the department’s noble mission to protect Pennsylvania’s air, land and water from pollution and provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment.

Chris Abruzzo | Secretary
Department of Environmental Protection
Rachel Carson State Office Building
400 Market Street | Hbg PA 17101
Phone: 717.783.3004 | Fax: 717.705.4980

What it Means and Where from Here?

Short and sweet. But what is left to say.

“Definitely,” Abruzzo responds, to comparison of a model to a woman the members of this share-group all know. In another, Abruzzo volunteers to forward an email to a colleague whom he refers to as “the Ass-Man.” A minute later, he forwards the dirty picture to that friend, adding this editorial comment: “Yummy. Now don’t hurt your wife tonite (sic, as well as sick).”

“I have no recollection of the specific accounts described by the media”

Hmmm. Dozens of hardcore porn emails, shared around work, along with vicious dialogue about wives and co-workers. All within the last few years, and they don’t come to mind. How many of these things does The Political Class pass around in a day, to be so routine to get lost in the haze of recollection?

I salute Chris for doing the right thing here, in stepping down. But this as hard to believe as when he testified to the Senate, just last year, that:

“I’ve not read any scientific studies that would lead me to conclude there are adverse impacts to human beings, animals, or plant life at this small level of climate change.”

Abruzzo has an historic knack for selective amnesia, as my readers well know:…who-ya-gonna-trust-continued/

Kharma ain’t always instant. But it always is.

Memory Loss Common Among Corbsters

Abruzzo’s slip of memory (this one, that is) is eerily like Corbster Randy Feathers. He won’t leave his $115,932-a-year seat on the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, until he reviews his own emails.

Feathers, according to our Attorney General, sent sent 40 porno files, just five years ago. And yet: “At the conclusion of this review, if it is determined that I did not uphold my professional responsibilities…”  Essentially, ‘I don’t recall any of this stuff, either.’ Feathers somehow manages to say.

I find that dishonest, sir. Every one of us distinctly remembers whether he or she did or did not send 40 porno files so recently. The only way one could believably not, is if one has sent so many that those 40 have been drowned in the din.

Man up, men.

A Pattern of Arrogant Untouchability

Typical of the trend of the last four years. Even as the US EEOC sides with Dianne Buckwash, a former co-worker of Corbett and Abruzzo’s, Kevin Harley, Corbett’s always-arrogant former press secretary suggested that Buckwash sued because she was passed over for a promotion.

Of course she did. Hartley, we recall, is the dude who famously replied in this same official capacity with Corbett: “I will not comment on publicity stunts by self-serving publicity hounds.” He was asked about a rally to preserve the fracking moratorium in the Delaware River watershed – which stands to this day – by PA citizens including folks whose water is destroyed by fracking.

This is right around the time that Corbett Transition Team Member and Kitchen Table Patriots leader Ana Puig was telling us that liberals are “in alliance with radical Islam.” Most thought they just have a different outlook than hers, or something crazy.

Hartley and Puig had already made such remarks by 2011. Foreshadowing of the arrogance and detachment to come, and the trend continued. It will do so for another month. Then we can move onto what I hope Governor Wolf ushers in: an era of transparency and inclusion.

But: We The People have hoped for such before…

Oct 4 UPDATE: Yeah, That’s The Ticket (and other fishtails emerge)

Even more incredibility to Feathers’ and Abruzzo’s words has come to light.

The TribLive and Huffington Post have reported on Agent Buckwash’s complaint for these same activities:

The articles do not specify when the complaint occurred. But if it was before this recent Sandusky fallout, it becomes almost impossible that all named – including sitting Governor Tom Corbett – would not have been made fully aware of the items and actions in question.

Imagine launching a defense against that complaint or responding to such complaint. Further and additionally, arriving at the conclusion that a settlement was in order, and the amount of that settlement. All without reviewing the statements of fact with the subjects of that complaint. I can not.

Final Note: Fair is Fair

If public employees such as Harley, Noonan, Blessington, and others did not send the materials, they did nothing warranting anything beyond discipline for not reporting them. Most folks don’t “report” our countless spam emails at work either. We roll our eyes, delete, and get back to work. Any discipline would probably as little as a reminder of the steps one must take to report inappropriate materials received.

If Former Executive Deputy Attorney General Richard A. Sheetz included his full name, title, office address and telephone number sat at the bottom of hardcore porn he used public resources to distribute. He needs double punishment for his arrogance in implying We The People of PA sanctioning the materials. Too bad there is no mechanism by which we can punish the arrogance of The untouchable Political Class. But then: our public buildings would echo their loneliness.

Nov 19 UPDATE: A Culture Breeds as a Culture Does

AG Kane has recently bought to light ‘graphic images of “children, old women” and “violent sexual acts against women,” circulated widely, during these incidents. “…she’s literally afraid to talk about this stuff,” said Lanny Davis, her attorney and spokesman:

Bravo, it is the only thing that will sanitize our perversion and degradation. So hard to fathom that no one noticed this until now…like: Corbett while investigating Sandusky. But the only other explanation is that no one cared.

Recently our County Commiss asked the PA Courts for leniency for a man trying to buy two little girls to rape. I firmly believe this culture feeds that attitude:

When anything goes, anything will.

Nov 21 UPDATE / Clarification

The AG’s office has since clarified that the images sent on public time and equipment, of a young boy looking down the underwear of a young girl and several of toddlers kissing, do not meet the definition of child pornography.


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3 Responses to PA DEP Secretary Chris Abruzzo’s Resignation, What it Means and Where from Here

  1. Jason Hess says:

    I have had 2 experiences with EPA field agents, or what ever you call them. Both times they had no idea what the violations were. We half assed fixed them and they rely didn’t know any better. That place could have blew up any second, it was so obvious and both times let them go. I told the guy what was wrong and no fines were administered.


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