PEDF Stops Governor Corbett – from leasing gas rights under DCNR lands this year


The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation [“PEDF”] has prevented the Governor from leasing gas rights under DCNR lands this year.

Commonwealth Court has entered an order in which Governor Corbett has agreed not to lease any more State Forest or Park land until the Court has made a decision on the merits of PEDF’s big [eight-point] court case against him.

With the fear of losing more Park and Forest land to new leases for gas extraction gone, PEDF is eager to get the main legal action case decided as quickly as possible [ see for the details of the case].

The main part of PEDF’s legal action v. Governor Corbett is on schedule to complete the briefing of the issues by September 14. Oral Argument will then be held before the court in October, 2014.

It’s a reprieve for our State Parks. Support PEDF’s efforts by relaying this message to your local newspapers – and see below for supporting PEDF.

Yours in conservation,

Dick Martin

Mission: Good Stewardship of our Public Lands

Support Our Constitutional Right to Clean Air & Water !
Join Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation’s
legal action against Governor Corbett.
The PA Forest Coalition will match the first $4,000
donated – Just mention “PFC Matching”


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