PA House Democratic Policy Committee Hears of Gov. Corbett’s Plan for Leasing State Parks/Forests.

On Mon, 6/2 at 10 am, the PA House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing in the PA Capitol. The testimony pertained to Gov. Corbett’s Plan for Leasing State Parks/Forests.

Testimony Heard

John Quigley, Principal, John H. Quigley, LLC.; Former DCNR Secretary; John Childe, Attorney, Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation; Mark Szybist, Attorney, PennFuture; John Norbeck, Vice President and COO, PennFuture; and Curt Ashenfelter, Executive Director, Keystone Trails Association and Joanne Kilgour of Sierra Club PA.

Environmental hero of, by and for We The (actual, living, constituent) People Rep. Greg Vitali (D-Delaware), Minority Chair of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, organized the hearing.

Following are my Tweets

Rep Sturla: if drilling prohibited under PA lands, then well will be its reach away from border. If allowed, well will be right on border.

Inspection reports NOT PUBLICLY AVAILABLE for many (in some case most) gas wells on PA public lands, per Joanne Kilgour of @SierraClubPA.

Using natural resources for General Fund maintenance is not conservation. Were using about $14M, @GovernorCorbett’s budget proposes $100M++. ~ Quigley

“Rural Wyoming is seeing smog worse than LA, solely due to natural gas extraction.” – Former DCNR Sec John Quigley.

“Fully one third of PA State Forest is currently open for (O&G) development. Monitoring is just getting off the ground.” – Quigley.

“Its pay me now or pay me later…Intent was to reinvest income back into State (landsF…to be a self-contained system.” – John Quigley.

Injunction against using O&G Fund will stop any Governor and General Assembly from leasing public lands for General Fund. – John Childe

“Spiderwab of gas development enhacncing the risk of flooding across” PA. – John Quigley.

John Childe: “The Commonwealth of PA is not the proprietor oof the Oil and Gas Fund.” It is a trust legally and solely for DCNR activities.

Atty John Childe on leasing PA Parks: O&G Fund is “a specific trust fund” for DCNR purposes. Gas extracted has been converted to private $.

Former DCNR Sec John Quigley on leasing PA Parks: “We are the conservators, not liquidators.” O&G Fund “I could argue, a trust fund.”

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