Alan Kennedy-Shaffer – DCDC Chair Candidate – announces Leadership Team, and Executive Slate

Alan said today: “I am honored to be running with Steelton Councilwoman Denae House (1st Vice Chair), Cole Goodman (2nd Vice Chair), Elizabeth Jones (Treasurer), and Steve Todd (Secretary). My leadership team also includes Harrisburg School Director Destini Hodges, Susquehanna Commissioner Mona Johnson, Swatara Commissioner Tom Connolly, former Lower Paxton Supervisor Jay Purdy, Ellis Roy, Frank Ferguson, Jennifer Kyung, and others.”

One thing many of the folks listed have in common: At times, we have had it with politics, and come close to throwing in the towel. Instead we have made the wiser choice: you can’t fight City Hall if you ain’t at City Hall. And you can’t fight it by shuffling the deck chairs a little.

Now: it is up to YOU, my fellow members of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee, to put us at City Hall. I will be humbled and honored if you would consider doing so. Thank you.

The New Face of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee. New Voices.  New Leaders. Don’t just shuffle the deck chairs, Dauphin Dems.

The New Face of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee.
New Voices. New Leaders.
Don’t just shuffle the deck chairs, Dauphin Dems.

When I posted this to my wall, a friend who happens to be on the Dauphin County Republican Committee commented: “Four more years of Marilyn!”

He was joking…I’m sure…sort of. My Republican friend gives the endorsement of the season…and the reason for the contest.

The Dauphin Democratic Committee will choose change or none. You will choose between Marilyn, her right hand woman / Vice-Chair…or someone with new ideas: Alan Kennedy-Shaffer is my choice given the lineup. Please choose wisely for the next 4 years.

Part of the following has been submitted to PennLive as a Letter to the Editor, all was entered as a comment to the following article about this race:

Fellow members of the Dauphin County Democratic Committee:

Please consider my strong recommendation to attend our June 11 reorganization, and vote for US Army First Lieutenant Alan Kennedy-Schaffer as our new Chair.

Full disclosure: I am on his leadership team. But I’ve endorsed Alan long before discussing that, and would have anyway. Kennedy-Shaffer sums it up here: “because of a failure of leadership.” Indeed.

What exactly has Marilyn Levin accomplished in Derry Twp? When I was running for Supervisor I asked the DCDC for a donation. She personally turned me down. Via email, one sentence, two max. Her responses came so quickly she could not have asked too many on the Committee, so I assumed it was her unilateral leadership decision. I was integrally involved in the elections of the only two Dems since the mid 70’s (long before she was involved). She played absolutely no part in either Sandy Ballard’s or my running mate Matt Weir’s election that I recall. I don’t recall any member of her leadership team offering any help, or communicating in any way. I very well could have missed it, but she should at a minimum say what her leadership did if she wants that notch on her belt. In fact, she did send out a mass email chastising both Derry and Middletown for going it alone in our wins – without DCDC. I sent a lengthy reply and we’ve since met and discussed that, but if we “went it alone”, then we didn’t receive her help. Can’t have it both ways. Pick one.

If DCDC hadn’t fought against Eric Papenfuse running for County Commissioner, we would have the majority Harris wants, now. Most active Dems will tell you that off the record, and why he was not backed, and why some lady named Wendy something came out of nowhere at the 11th hour, and was vigorous pushed by DCDC. I’d never heard of her before or since. Poor leadership…or something. I don’t know whether current Vice Chair Rogette Harris was in leadership at that time, but I’m pretty sure she was on Committee.

We need new leadership. I spent immense time recruiting for our Derry Twp committee. At least a half dozen active Dems told me they wouldn’t serve because of current leadership. Both of his opponents are current leadership (Marilyn Levin is current Chair, Rogette Harris is current Vice Chair).

Alan has shown leadership, by beating Tom Corbett, when ordered to stop hosting Harrisburg Hope debates. Alan appears to know Commonwealth law better than a legal team assembled by our former Attorney General…or outfought them, at any rate. His ability to improve our communications/public persona is publicly and regularly proven, at Harrisburg Hope and these pages. Lt Kennedy-Schaffer has my vote, and I hope he has yours.

~Steve Todd
Dauphin County Democratic Committee – Derry Township, Precinct 12


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