Given a Choice…Or, Even If Not

Among the Republican Primary Voters: Wow. Robert Guzzardi – the guy the Corbsters spent $60,000 to kick off the ballot for the flimsiest reason – still took 3,501, or 14.46% of Allegheny county, Corbett’s home county. Additionally: Write-In took another 842, or 3.48% in Corbett’s home.

But hey, that left 82.06% for the unchallenged incumbent Governor. In his own primary. In his own home county.

Dauphin County-wide. Even after spending $60,000 to remove the only primary opponent by the flimsiest loophole, 303 – just over 3% – of Dauphin County Rs wrote in someone else. And Dauphin County Rs tend to do what they are told. They don’t stray too far off range, but did just a little here. Also, remember that Dauphin was one of the counties on which wasn’t on the ballot. That’s part of why Corbett did so well there.

According to my friend Ron Hess, it is obvious that with Guzzardi on ballot in York Co, similar results:
Corbett 76.48%
Guzzardi 17.45%
Other Write-ins 6.07%

In Elk County, 24% of Republicans voted for Lt Gov Jim Cawley, but not for Corbett. In Montour, 23% did so. That amount was only 7%…in Corbetts home of Allegheny County.

Outside of the Republican demographic? Arguably his key constituency – certainly in this writer’s mind – is the senior likely voter. He won 63% of the senior vote in 2010. Today, he polls 37% favorable but (more tellingly) 57% unfavorable among that group.


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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