Cabot’s Security Posts Photographs of 63-Yr Old Scroggins in Guards’ Campers, for Failing to Follow the “Unwritten Rules”, And Other Tales of the Absurd from Fracksylvania

The following is an unbelievable story of how much of a threat one unarmed grandma can be perceived as, to corporate hegemony of our democratic republic. A story of how far The Political Class will go to stop her, but also an expose of how ineffective it actually is, if she is courageous enough to stand her ground. A story of both threat and hope.

Vera and Barbara and Me

Vera and Barbara and Me

US Main Stream Media is full of anecdotes about the criminal amounts of cash the global corporate Oil & Gas (O&G) lobby dumps into it’s politics. It barely mentions the seedier outcomes of O&G’s political influence. Many of my fellow Americans might have therefore missed what The Guardian has called “one of the most extreme measures taken by the oil and gas industry to date.”

The Guardian also notes that “None of that activity by Scroggins or other activists was illegal, or presented a public danger, according to Jason Legg, the district attorney for Susquehanna County,” while “Thomas Meagher, the county solicitor, said Scroggins brought her legal problems down on herself by failing to follow the “unwritten rules” of civilized discourse.”

Dr. Walter Brasch, in his linked blog, “An Injunction Against the First Amendment” describes a kangaroo court run of, by and for Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. to silence one (1) 63-yr old grandmother, Vera Scroggins. Among my favorite passages, is where Scroggins is basically told that if she were to accidentally go anywhere she can’t go, she would then be in violation:

“(Common Pleas Court Judge Kenneth W.) Seamans issued the temporary injunction that Cabot wanted. It forbid Scroggins from going onto any property that Cabot owned, was drilling, or had mineral rights, even if there was no drilling. The injunction didn’t specify where Scroggins couldn’t go. It was a task that required her to go to the courthouse in Montrose, dig through hundreds of documents, and figure it out for herself.”

The extent of this kangaroo court’s slant is described in The Guardian: “Cabot turned up with four lawyers and nine witnesses, employees of the company and the firm it hired to provide security. Scroggins represented herself. She told the court she had been unable to find a lawyer as the hearing had been called on 72 hours’ notice.”

Scroggins later explained to me that the judge originally denied her request for continuance since she hadn’t given 24 hours notice. But she didn’t have an attorney to know about the 24 hour notice.

Good She Checked

It is a good thing Scroggins had the time, inclination and resources to dig through those hundreds of documents. Otherwise, here is what she might never have found until her lawyer told her inside a jail cell:

“Scroggins can’t even go to homes of some of her friends, even if they invite her; that’s because they had leased subsurface mineral rights to Cabot…Cabot had leased mineral rights to 40 percent of Susquehanna County…the local hospital, supermarkets, drug stores, several restaurants, the place she goes for rehabilitation therapy, and a recreational lake.”

According to former lease holder and current candidate for the 110th Legislative Representative Carol French: “Remember the landowner owns the property and if you have or had permission to go on the land, Cabot will NOT and does NOT have a leg to stand on. That landowner still pays the taxes on that property and owns the right to enjoy and share their property with whomever they choose. The lease does NOT allow the use of the surface unless the landowner signs away surface rights to the gas company.”

But How Can It Be?

Big money has broken our ability to get a fair share shake against those with big money. As Brasch explains, the following is only possible “Where the oil and gas lobby has been able to pour millions of dollars into politicians’ campaigns.” The sole saving prayer may yet come: “the fractivists have countered by grass-roots organizing and contacting government officials and politicians, promising them no money but only the truth,” Brasch notes.

How do you get around with these restrictions? You don’t. We The (actual, living) People have to put They The (corporate, non-living) People in their place. That place is not, but should be, 100% subordinate to the will of We The (actual, living) People.

Round Two: A Little More Evenly Matched

On March 24, at 9 am, Scroggins went to court to defend her right to shop in markets, and visit the hospital in her own town. She was up against Cabot Oil, who wants to restrict her from the land she grew up on – and the corporate person Cabot did not – because she speaks up against fracking that land.

Scroggins is far better armed this time, so the outcome may actually approach a level of sanity, if not fair play: “The 3 attorneys I have are pro bono, court costs are covered by donations.”

Scroggins said the next day she was: “waiting for the Judge to make a decision on whether to continue the injunction and if so, how restrictive this time.” While Vera sought to dismiss the injunction, Cabot now wants to exclude her from 500 feet around active sites. “How am I supposed to know where it is? They are going to have to establish a Vera-Free Zone,” she said on the Bob Joseph Show, WNBF Radio 1290 Binghamton, the next day.

On the Bob Joseph Show, a caller named Ray, who said he is an ex-gas worker in Dimock, allows Vera on his property. There is an operating gas well 500 feet from his front door. When Vera is there, he says gas workers “Viciously come down and attack her standing on my property.”

Scroggins offers what might be a better method of keeping her off another’s property: “If you don’t want me on your property, send me a letter. I would honor it, and if I didn’t, take me to court.”

To the danger Scroggins’s presence creates on fracking sites, she asked on Joseph Show: “They are afraid that too many people were seeing what this industry is doing to the residents.  What is the danger? I basically stay on the road, they have gates and guard shacks. If it is so dangerous, why are you next to homes?”

She later added,  “Cabot has so far, 540 DEP violations and millions in fines.  I don’t have any violations or fines.  Cabot is the real danger and all the gas companies; we are being exposed to possible gas leaks, explosions, fires with these sites next to homes, schools, farms daily. When will the next accident that takes out the nearby residents happen? How many will have to die and be cremated, incinerated like the worker on the site in Greene Twp., Washington County, PA?”

To documentation of Vera loosing her patience in face of adversity, she welcomes anyone to sit down and talk to her. Let them decide for themselves. She adds: “Those who know me don’t describe me like that. Those who are pro-gas industry describe me like that.”

‘This is a Big Deal’

John Trallo, Vice Chair Executive Committee, Shale Justice Coalition,, later told me: “This is a big deal, because the outcome of this case will set the precedent for all other BS trespassing cases that the gas industry is certain to try to use against every citizen activist, grassroots organization, etc., who rightfully opposes this massive and gross industrialization.”

Vera told me later: “I will continue to expose this industry and reveal the dangerous practices they impose on the residents.” We, the residents, hope you do, Vera.

My next (hearing) date has been moved later to July 2nd at 9 am” says Scroggins. We, the residents, must be there for her.  It is at the Montrose Courthouse, Montrose, Pa. 18801:

October 27, 2014 MEDIA ADVISORY

In Court Wednesday: Cabot Oil and Gas Trying To Impose Fines or Jail Time on Pennsylvania Anti-Fracking Activist and Bind Her to Terms of Proposed Settlement She Never Signed

WHAT: Court hearing of anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins of Brackney, Pa. A court injunction bars Scroggins from active Cabot well sites and access roads, including a buffer zone around these areas. Cabot now claims – incorrectly – that Scroggins has violated the injunction. Additionally, Cabot is asking the court to enter as a permanent injunction a settlement proposal that Scroggins never signed. The proposal would maintain restrictions on Scroggins’s movements for the rest of her life.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 29, 9 a.m. EDT. Scroggins will be available to talk to reporters outside the courthouse immediately following the hearing.

WHO: Vera Scroggins, activist, and her legal team

WHERE: Court of Common Pleas, Susquehanna County, 105 Maple Street, Montrose, Pa. 18801 – 570 278 4600

Vera Scroggins
Citizen Tour Guide and Activist
607 237 9685
570 918 0004

October 30 – Vera Guilty…Sort of, a Little

After all this hoohah, Vera was found to have “technically violated” the court’s edict. She had stood on their access road, which was also a friend’s driveway. But she will not be fined or jailed or have to pay Cabot’s legal fees. In other words, nothing happened.

Scroggins is not the least bit intimidated. She later said the entire charge by Cabot, was “more distortion of the truth in discrediting me while Cabot continues to pollute our aquifers and contaminate private water wells. They need to be further exposed and I will continue to do so.”

November 16 – “Court permanently bars activist from gas sites”

Per StateImpact / NPR

In response, Vera says: “Our County Judge has decided to approve a permanent injunction on me with new buffers and restrictions and there is no appeal possible, which is written into this final injunction! This is the new “unjustice” in America….Citizens expose Toxic Industries in their neighborhoods and are then branded as a “danger” and then given a permanent, restraining order! I will continue to expose this dangerous, toxic industry in our midst and continue my Citizen Gas Tours with these restrictions and let the World know what is happening and hidden by this Industry and may they be a thing of the past real soon all over this Planet.”

Then, in another discussion, she later added a comment that is prophetic on our root concerns: “Let’s not be concerned about helping the few, white men get richer and it seems that it’s never enough for them, never enough profits; addicted to money and power. We need to focus on what is best for the majority and get affordable, safe, clean energy to all the world.”

Further Reading

Reuters account of the hearing:

William Huston’s writeup about the “after scene”:

According to Trallo “this story is getting picked up all over:
So far: 7 states, 3 countries, US National News Media, 2 wire services.”

He lists them:

International: France (Le Monde), Russia (RT)
Wire Services: Reuters, AP,
National: Huffington Post, Yahoo News (front page!), Bloomberg Business Week, Washington Post
Local: NY(Binghamton, Elmiria) PA (WNEP Scranton, Wilkes Barre, York, Abington), IL: (Pekin), IN: (Greenfield, Indianapolis), WI (Eau Clare), OH: (Warren), CO (Colorado Springs)

An HD video of the entire press conference will be posted on my “Citizen Sane” blog ( YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Shale Justice Coalition Newsletter and website, and also on Dr. Wendy Lee’s “The Wrench” ( and “Raging Chicken Press” (

Here’s the YouTube link:

For a set of stills of the press conference, please see:

*Why is this so important? If Cabot gets away with this bogus ‘slap suit’ against Vera Scroggins, it will set a dangerous precedent and the oil and gas industry will take steps to silence anyone who dares to tell the truth about their activities. We can not allow that to happen. Vera deserves our full public support. I was proud to stand with her and the crowd of other socially, environmentally, and morally responsible citizens at the Montrose Court house today, and intend to be there with her when the judge announces his decision. We all need to stand in support of each other if we are to win this battle for our children, and our children’s children and stop this industry from advancing. I refuse to accept, or believe this is a lost cause. – JT

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  1. Vincent Granata says:

    MS Vera Scroggins has to be one of the best environmentalist ever and should be acknowledged as such.. By her monitoring Cabot’s loose ands sloppy irresponsible drilling methods and her making the public aware of these is in my opinion totally righteous and should be a model for others to do the same. Just because this company pads so many palms and greases them with candy coated greenback while harming our environment and humanity in genocidal ways is criminal and they should be held responsible as such as any murder or anyone who allowed to deliberately United States treat to our homeland is a direct violation of the Presidents directive orders relating to Homeland Security


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