Keystone Cannabis Reform Rally

On Monday, March 31, the Keystone Cannabis Reform Rally took place in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at 10:00 AM. The urgent need for cannabis and hemp reform was stressed to around 300 onlookers. Presenters spoke for medical cannabis, for industrial hemp and the benefits and the necessity of establishing a legal, regulated market for adult consumption of cannabis, similar to the program in Colorado.

Marijuana reform rally in Pa. Capitol makes Anchorage Daily News !!! Yeah…It’s that big of a deal.

This issue (at least the medical access) is a poison pill to any who oppose. A former Gov candidate I was backing, John Hanger called on all voters to ask every General Assembly candidate where they stand on SB1182, our bipartisan med MJ bill. If against, don’t vote for that person. Period. I have NEVER heard John lay down that litmus test on any other issue. Ever. And I’ve known him a while before this run.

Here are my highlights, as Tweeted @stevenwtodd

Dana Ulrich tells of Sevina Rose, died after 26 hour seizure, invites @GovernorCorbett to “watch Loreli deteriorate.”

Iraq Vet Joe Mertz: “I can raise a gun for USA, but I can’t raise a joint to heal those wounds.” Drugs from VA bad.

Former Dem Gov Candidate John Hanger at PA MJ Reform: don’t vote for any candidate for house or senate if anti#SB1182

Erica Lynn McBride reading speech I had honor of proofreading. “Hanger Activists will vet candidates on MJ reform”

Sen. @Daylin4Congress marijuana reform rally: “We have the votes to pass #SB1182, biggest obstacle: @GovernorCorbett”

Lolly Myers at PA marijuana reform rally: child had thousands of seizures this year. “I pray to god for it to stop.”

Former PA Gov Ed Rendell sends letter to PA Marijuana Reform rally: supports medical and decriminalize recreational. He used to oppose.

Organizer Les Stark PA MJ Reform. PA prison population up 500% since 1980. Other states building their economies.


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2 Responses to Keystone Cannabis Reform Rally

  1. Kathy Vetter says:

    Let us people who suffer from a chronic disease like Crohn’s disease have some kind of relief from the pain it causes me…I actually don’t have an appetite for any food at all…if I had to make a meal and eat I wouldn’t eat at all…the people who suffer from a chronic illness have no one to speak up for us and I know if the people who do put the laws through to get to become a new law would just be open-minded and listen to us and know what I go through maybe we can get this law passed.Thanks!!


    • steventodd says:

      In fact we see when those who make the laws either listen to those suffering or (pray tell) have an illness befall a loved one, they almost always change their tune.


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