Hanger Wins PA Progressive Straw Poll. Here’s Why

John Hanger, who former PA Gov Ed Rendell says has “been the most substantive in responding to Gov. Corbett,” lit up the skies with precisely that substance, at the 2014 PA Progressive Summit at the Harrisburg Hilton on Feb 28.


John made it look easy: let people hear you and all your opponents side by side. Not multi-million dollar TV sound bites, but specific unrehearsed questions down the line. John blew it out of the water with his usual straight talk. Check out the PCN link above, and our website.


The center of the chess board, like the eye of the storm, is super-duper safe. In a perfect and static universe. In the real world, it is the most vulnerable of positions, with all flanks exposed, and no way to wall your back when needed. Likewise, the moderate middle provides an illusion of safety: the slightest shift from or to any direction leaves you to certain doom.

Take John Hanger vs the other Democratic candidates on campaign finance: where’s the substance? All bemoaned the ridiculous campaign fundraising and spending levels. Then, each proceeded to rationalize their fundraising and spending. John Hanger at the onset of the Primary called for a $5M spending limit on the primary. Not what a sane adult would consider at all binding to free speech, but such amount might bring the race back to We The People…at least a little.

John asked all candidates to join him. Not one has ever since even commented on his proposal. Suddenly, and only when asked in front of a progressive audience, each is deeply concerned, unhappy or both. We already have leaderless leadership. We need the best reason to change it. This is, in my humble opinion, the key to fixing our broken govt. All candidates seemed to vaguely and generally agree. But the guy sitting on the barstool next to you will offer vague agreement. We need action and commitment to principle in our Governor’s mansion.

John Hanger’s is a campaign of substance. Progressives tend to demand that in answers. My Tweets, @stevenwtodd, show a small sample of how John did this over the grueling 2-hour grilling:

~ PA Progressive Summitt. Gubernatorial debate. John @HangerGovernor calls to replace @GovernorCorbett w progressive pic.twitter.com/UPcj9VltNy

~ Would you support single payer healthcare? Six candidates asked, only John HangerGovernor answered: “”Yes, healthcare is a human right.”

~ Would you propose campaign finance reform? @hangergovernor has proposed $5M spending limit in this race. No one took me up on it.

~ John @hangergovernor calls payday loans “loan sharking” and says they should be outlawed.”

~ Would you support level field for Indies, 3rd parties? Only McGinty and @HangerGovernor would! Litz, McCord, Schwartz and Wolf would not !

~ How to reduce prison growth? Only John @HangerGovernor would remove criminality of marijuana, which accounts for 50% of prisoners.

John Hanger alone among candidates for PA Governor has been fighting to right injustices of our system: jobs and schools not jails (and an actual plan in which the math works), the most experience fighting for us on Marcellus drilling and clean energy alternatives, reform of crippling and failed marijuana policy, support of single-payer healthcare in PA and much more. Not with platitudes and super safe cliches, but with specific statements. The Political Elites hate specifics. That alone is a reason to love them.

Tell everyone you know: To register, or change registrations takes just a half a page and a stamp. But must be done by April 20. Please print, fill out and mail this. You can switch back the next day if you want, if you prefer a different party affiliation or none at all:



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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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