PennLive hosts admission of #HumanTrafficking, statements about Obama: “The guy has also admitted to smoking crack” and “”Agenda 21. Obama signed it”

Anonymous sources are curious things.  I don’t think they should be allowed to be posted, without verification.  For example here are screen shots on a Harrisburg, PA regional news source:

Imagine how many other slanderous claims are being hosted on what many folks may treat as credible news sources:

PL- O smokes coke

What is most concerning is that PennLive, after a total of 3 posts ever and these are it, would publish SixBurgh99’s accusations against our sitting POTUS. I hope second source verification has been used:

PL- O smokes coke source

This is peculiar.  PennLive now says it has “said no such thing.”  But it’s right here, in black and white.  Hmmm…stay tuned.

PL Denies Comment

The very next day, PennLive states: “AGENDA 21. Obama signed it into LAW” (emphasis theirs). This is incorrect in so many easily verifiable ways, that a sixth grader could shoot holes in it:

PL - O Signs Agenda 21

Unlike newly SixBurgh99, this claim’s reporter, a person or computer named daddydiesel has authored 397 entries on PennLive:

PL reporter daddydiesel


Here, PennLive’s John Rettinger tells us that local activist Melissa Troutman works for a company in Saudi Arabia…or some ‘Arab’ company, conveniently unnamed:

Melissa T works for Arab company


Here, a coward hiding under @Kyle19638 User Profile: admits to paying someone $2.50 an hour to raise its kids, for more than 8 hours a shift:

kyle's slave


June 3, 2014 – PL Calls Steve Todd a Pothead

PL calls Steve Todd a pothead

PL calls Steve Todd a pothead

PennLive just bought itself a lawsuit by calling me a pot head burnout, which I have screen cap’d and will soon add to my growing blog of lies hosted here. Hopefully they opt for the wiser choice and throw the anonymous coward under the bus as they did derryright when Mary Ellen Sheehan took them to task for this. In fact, I will call her attorney. He did very well by her…five figures I’ve been told by someone who definitely would know.

For the record, I have smoked pot and cigarettes, and drank alcohol. I currently do none of the above, contrary to what PennLive is claiming here. I am not ashamed of having done any of the above, as none hurt anyone. I am also not a better person now that I choose not to do any of the above. I will swear to all this in court. Will The Prophet?

The Prophet will be speaking a whole lot more, but on the public record. Stay tuned and pass the popcorn.


About steventodd

Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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