An Open Letter to Range Resources’ Matt Pitzarella

Open Letter to Range Resources” Matt Pitzarella from Amanda Gillooly, RE: MS Degree, or lack thereof.

Purposefully misleading. I went to Penn State. My course of study was environmental engineering technology. I can refer to that major, and/or its component course all I want. But when I put ‘BS’ before that major, it is universally understood to mean I am stating that I hold that completion certificate for that course. I have never, ever once seen anyone read or write that documentation any other way.
Steve Todd, BSEnvET, ’96, PSU

Marcellus Monitor

Dear Matt Pitzarella,

Matt Pitzarella Linkedin profile

I read with interest the statement you made to the Beaver County Times regarding my investigative report into your educational credentials (or lack thereof).

As you know, I published a story on Monday indicating that you have misrepresented your educational accomplishments. Your online professional profile and numerous stories indicate that you have an “M.S.” – or master of science degree – in business ethics from Duquesne University.

On your Linkedin profile, you list the years of attendance as 2003-2005, conveniently the length of time it would take to earn such a master’s degree (had you, of course, actually attended those courses to completion). But when I called Duquesne to check it out, they informed me that you did not earn a degree at the Pittsburgh educational institution.

In fact, they told me you were only enrolled in the program from the spring of 2004 through the…

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