Derry Citizens: Uphold the Design Review Board Regarding the Nardo Billboard

(Updates Post of July 9, 2013)

On Tuesday, July 23 at 7 PM, the Board of Supervisors will vote on the appeal of the Design Review Board’s denial of a Certificate of Appropriateness. Action is scheduled at the Derry Township Municipal Complex, 600 Clearwater Rd. to consider and vote on the appeal of the Design Review Board’s denial of a Certificate of Appropriateness to allow alterations to add a second billboard sign face on the eastern side of an existing billboard at 818 Reese Ave. owned by James Nardo (the Billboard is on the north side of Chocolate Ave west of Hockersville Rd – across from CVS).

The Design Review Board was unanimous in voting to deny this request and does not think an additional billboard is appropriate at that location. The Billboard owner appealed to the Board of Supervisors.

Supervisor Sandy Ballard voted against the issue as a member of the Design Review Board, but has indicated she may not vote at the Board level.

I have sent two comments to the Supervisors, urging them to heed the DRB, and deny Mr Nardo’s appeal. Billboards are not allowed in the Chocolate Avenue Preservation Overlay District. The only billboard in that Overlay existed before the zoning prohibition was created. That “grandfathering” is the only reason it is allowed. I do not believe most citizens benefit by allowing another billboard.

Supervisor Kelly Fedeli replied: “Thanks for your input on this Steve. Have a nice evening.” I had sent a very similar email immediately after the May 20 Design Review Board mtg. I had copied Twp Mgr Jim Negley, asking him to ensure all Supers got it. He replied that he would, so I have to believe they all did.

I did not know that the Zoning Hearing Board had previously approved a billboard. That has since come out in local media. Unfortunately, given that the ZHB is regulatory and DRB is only advisory, I fear the only thing the Supers can do is to make the billboard (which is a sign) comply, or be “appropriate” in fulfilling the (now) permitted use. We must insist the sign not exceed the allowable dimensions.

I will be out of town that on Tuesday, July 23. Please show up Tuesday and ask them to uphold the Design Review Board regarding the Nardo billboard, or insist the sign not exceed the allowable dimensions. If you are unable to attend but have comments, please send them to the Board of Supervisors at:


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