Obama’s Climate Change Address June 25, 2013

On Tuesday, June 25 at 1:55 EST, US President Obama Addressed the threat of Climate Change. I watched via 350.org. The following were my Tweets and ReTweets, all hash tagged #ForwardOnClimate and copied to @350:

@BarackObama: hundreds from around the world in Istanbul, are kicking off a Global Power Shift…

… Global Power Shift is a reminder that no matter what @BarackObama says today, there’s a growing global movement.

@BarackObama Georgetown Univ climate speech at 1:35 Eastern time (10:35 Pacific). Virtual watch: http://350.org/Obama

@SenSanders Sanders, Boxer Propose Climate Change Bills: http://www.sanders.senate.govnewsroom/news/?id=2a869a44-1597-42a8-b625-1a88db3febbc … pic.twitter.com/dHHRnzjopN

RT @SenSanders Sanders, Boxer Propose Climate Change Bills: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=2a869a44-1597-42a8-b625-1a88db3febbc … … pic.twitter.com/Jb7oC4KYZs

@Harry_Stevens The Keystone XL map @StateDept doesn’t want you to see http://www.triplepundit.com/2013/06/keystone-xl-maps-state-department-doesnt/ … #KXL @KXLBlockade @StopKXL

@NHgoddess and the #goddess loves it! Will watch from #Exeter NH where @350 BMc spoke to 400 last Jan.

@TerraPass @350 I’m already here, and Tweeting (or is it Twittering?) up a storm!

@kk_perry Will @BarackObama move with his #ClimateChange speech today? Watch @350’s #livestream at 1:30 here: http://act.350.org/thanks/watch-party-obama-climate-speech/?akid=3281.225928.JivGCY&rd=1&t=1

@350 We’ll be livestreaming/tweeting Pres. Obama’s climate speech at 1:55 PM EST. Tune in here at at : http://bit.ly/18dVWSN

“MT @GrandpaHugo @BarackObama-“no single step that can reverse the effects of climate change.”1 step WILL KO climate #NoKXL

Minutes after I Tweeted 1:35, the @whitehouse tweeted speech was starting at 1:55, 20 minutes later than expected. @350

@stopKXL 😐 TY4RT to 900+ |: @GrandpaHugo @BarackObama-“no 1 step reverses climate change.” 1 step WILL KO climate #NoKXL

@Agent350 I was one of the 50k people rallying in DC 2/13 to ask Obama to take us . We welcome @Barack Obama to join us.

@FODC_WV Getting ready to watch President Obama’s climate speech!

Sounds good! MT @Sara_Shor @BarackObama: asks State reject #nokxl if carbon up. Earth wins? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/25/obama-keystone_n_3497292.html?1372180768 … …

@BarackObama: “This used to be a bipartisan issue. EPA determined CO2 is threat to our health, subject to reg.”

@BarackObama: “Today I am directing EPA to put an end to limitless dumping of carbon from power plants”

@BarackObama: Doomsayers in 70 & 90: cutting emissions would kill business. We did, it didn’t, our air got cleaner

@BarackObama: Phasing out CFCs didn’t kill cars, refrigerators or deodorant. We figured out how to do it better.

NOW: Pres Obama giving a big speech on his climate agenda. Watch with @350: http://act.350.org/signup/watch-party-obama-climate-speech

@BarackObama: We have to look out for kids, planet & grow economy. We can do all three if we don’t fear the unknown

@BarackObama: “The net effects of #KeystoneXL pipeline on carbon will be important in deciding if it goes forward.”

We hope for change, RT @mrgiesler @BarackObama Launch day of a legacy worth something?

@BarackObama: 75% of wind energy is generated in Republican districts (in USA). China and Germany are all in.

@RyderDioxide “Thats not right, thats not safe and it needs to stop” Go obama!

Fair question, MT @codepink Obama, you’re good at talkin’ talk, but when are you gonna walk walk? #CloseGitmo #NoDrones

MT @greenpeaceusa Over 4 years, doubled energy we generate from zero carbon #wind & #solar @BarackObama #ActOnClimate

@BarackObama: Even if we do our part, seas & temps will keep rising, storms will get worse. We need to get prepared

@BarackObama, via @washingtonpost: #KeystoneXL must not increase greenhouse gases. http://wapo.st/14uqV7J

@SalemSAFE TY4RT @BarackObama: “I am directing EPA to end limitless dumping of carbon from power plants”

I won’t, RT@JamieHarkins AMEN. RT @350: We won’t accept climate ‘solutions’ that turn communities in oil and gas fields into sacrifice zones

@BarackObama: 4 yrs ago in Copenhagen every major country agreed to major action. 2 yrs ago, added devel countries.

@BarackObama: George W Bush declared Human activities changing the climate in unprecedented ways.

@BarackObama: Too many in Republican party believe the EPA should not protect the environment from carbon pollution

@BarackObama: I don’t have patience for denying this challenge is real. We don’t have time for Flat Earth Society.

@StormSurgeFilm TY4RT @BarackObama: Doomsayers 70 & 90: cutting dirt kills jobs. We did, it didn’t, air cleaner

@GrandpaHugo @CarlSiegrist @stopKXL 😐 TY4RT to 2,500 |: @BarackObama: #KeystoneXL GHG effects important 4 approve.

@jessalans @WildRoseNHC 😐 TY4RT |: @BarackObama: 75% of US wind generated in Repub. districts. China, Germany in.

@ChristinBerger TY4RT @BarackObama: Too many Republicans believe EPA should not protect environment from carbon

@CarlSiegrist RT @350: President Obama calls for an end to unlimited carbon pollution from power plants. That is a big step forward.

@MikeHudema “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that is beyond fixing” #obama”

Thank @BarackObama for taking two major steps to fight #climate change: http://share.credoaction.com/3043702t #nokxl #actonclimate @350

@reploubarletta: still “not convinced that there’s scientific evidence”? Stop denying #climate change. It’s time to act w/ @BarackObama @350

@congressmangt: Still think it’s “science fiction”? Stop denying #climate change. It’s time for Congress to act with @BarackObama & @350

@sentoomey: Still think it is “very much disputed”? Stop denying #climate change. It’s time for Congress to act with @BarackObama & @350


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