Vote and Take Your Kids. Or Remain Invisible.

I often hear, and sometimes think to myself: Why vote for any of these jokers? It is a fair question. My answer is not the one you often hear: I believe that we have no obligation to vote, but we should vote to affect our lives. We should not simply vote for one of the candidates, and especially not for the one we hate least. No, vote for this pragmatic reason: by signing in, you count as having voted on the voter rolls. By register ‘No Vote’, you register your rightful lack of confidence. Staying home does not.

All candidates, elected officials and party committee members I know, including me, have and study updated voter rolls. That determines who we ask about issues. If you don’t identify yourself and speak up, don’t get asked or don’t answer when asked, you can’t logically expect us to act or change our actions. Silence is implied consent.

A person who opposes even every single ballot choice is more effective by showing up, signing in and pushing the Vote button, without selecting any choices. Or just vote for one office for which you like a candidate: surely, there is one school board or sheriff candidate who – after studying his or her record and positions – you find OK. If not, write-in someone else; I do that regularly. Write-in yourself; I’ve done that.

We’ve always taken our son to vote. When he was a baby/toddler, my wife or I took him in the booth with us. Now, at 11, he is very engaged. He asks who we are voting for, and why. He asks about current events, local and worldwide. He expresses when he disagrees with me, and I respectfully offer a counter argument. He often counters my counter, which affects my views. It is awesome.

~ Steve Todd is a candidate for Derry Township Supervisor in November. He would like your vote.


About steventodd

Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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