Monsanto respects individuals’ rights…’How?’, ‘So what?’, and, ‘Then quit bypassing them’

Monsanto spokesman Tom Helscher recently said the company respects individuals’ rights to do certain things people have the right to do.

You do, huh? Great, get out backs here:

Monsanto donated over $1M just in 2011-2012 to PACs, parties, outside spending groups and candidates. Some listed include Barack Obama and many of the 71 Senators who voted in favor of Monsanto in killing an amendment to the Farm Bill last week that would allow states from individually labeling GMOs:

CT and VT have already advanced bills requiring this.

Monsanto also spent $8M last year killing Prop 37 in CA, which They The People of CA may have passed, had they had an extra $8M+ laying around with which to fight back.

Here I am on abc27 asking for the right to know what is in our food at the Harrisburg event. I simply want my family to read a label and decided for ourselves:

By the narrowest possible 5 to 4, yes. For now, corporations are legal people. But not in the hearts and minds of anyone with over a 3rd grade intellectual development. Read the Citizens’ United Dissents, by the way. Some of the most passionate dissents I’ve read.

While We The People work diligently to undo the work of 5 SCOTUS Justices, please respect our right to know what is in our food, Mr or Ms Monsanto, whoever you are. Please quite corrupting our political process with gobs of money that you know we can’t fight. Thank you, sir or ma’am.

August 24, 2015 UPDATE:  Of, By and For Them

“GMOs…most heavily treated with herbicides and…may pose risks of cancer.” Cites Roundup by name, previously “proven” safe to cover much of the Earth’s ag lands with.

“It would respect the wishes of a growing number of consumers who insist they have a right to know what foods they are buying”

New England Journal of Medicine article calls for GMO labels on foods

Imagine such a world, where the sovereign people want to know what is in our food, but the few and shrinking non-human, non-sovereign corporate political campaign donors won’t let them. Even where what is in the food might not be good for said sovereign people.

Imagine USA 2015.


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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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