Tar Sands: Lots of Good Jobs…in Cleanup

The following link contains the most complete accounting I can find of ExxonMobil’s ongoing Arkansas pipeline spill. It has ruined Mayflower, Arkansas, spilling thousands of barrels of diluted bitum, or “dilbit” from tar sands. This is the product that the Keystone XL pipeline will carry, if we permit it.


Here are some excerpts and my comments:

RT Blog: “The 65-year-old line was originally designed to transport thinner oil at a comparatively low pressure and in the opposite direction. The Mayflower pipeline was built in the 1940s. While that may seem surprisingly ancient to some, many of the country’s pipelines are of a similar age.”

Me: The owners should have to fix, upgrade or decommission the existing lines prior to building new ones, like the proposed Keystone XL.

RT: “According to legal guidelines the diluted bitumen that inundated Mayflower is not technically oil, which could exempt Exxon from contributing to the government’s oil spillage cleanup fund…leaving the American taxpayer to foot the bill for the Mayflower spillage”

Me: Keystone XL will carry dibit as well. Just so you (the taxpayer) know.

RT: “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announces (then rescinds) a no-fly zone over the Mayflower oil spill…Local news reports that journalists were barred from entering the spill site for 30 hours after the disaster…multiple journalists have complained about being denied access to the spill site, and even threatened with arrest.”

Me: OK, FAA has to keep air temporarily open for emergency support. But local journalist barred by whom? On what grounds?

RT: “Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel launches an investigation into the spill and urges ExxonMobil to preserve all documents”

Me: Hmmm…I highly suspect that if I did something like this, the AG might do a tad more than “urge me to preserve all documents”.


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