Who The Heck is (or was) S.W. Jack Drilling, Co?

Think that $25 or $100 bucks you gave your favorite candidate has some effect? It may have a little. But for perspective into just how little, Following is documentation of how an entity few have heard of appears to have influenced our representatives in ways We The Taxpaying People could never even imagine:

MarcellusMoney reports that S.W. Jack Drilling, Co. (Jack) made $804,854.00 in “Total Contributions” to PA politics. This is supported by Common Cause’s 2010 report “Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets”, which found SW Jack Drilling was the top donor in the Pennsylvania 2010 state election, giving over $1 million in Republican campaign contributions.

Jack is widely reportedly as defunct, and its assets as liquidated. Its former website, http://www.swjackdrilling.com is not currently functional.

Christine Toretti, listed in campaign finance reports as its Owner, appears to be Christine J. Olson, CEO & Chairman. Philly.com reports that she gave about $15,000 in air fare and hotels for Governor-elect Corbett’s campaign, and was coincidentally appointed to serve on Gov-elect Corbett’s transition team. In 2010, Politics Magazine named her one of the most influential Republicans in Pennsylvania.

Christine Toretti (March 30, 2016, PennLive).png

Christine Toretti (March 30, 2016, PennLive)

SourceWatch reports that former Jack President and COO James (Jim) McElwain is one of the founders and first President of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania, better known by its acronym, PIOGA. This has not been independently verified, but PIOGA is listed in MarcellusMoney as having given $90,710.00 to PA political campaigns, and having spent $454,762 lobbying PA government.

Not bad for a couple of hard-working drillers.



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Both parties are broken by big money...what to do? I'm a dad, husband, son, taxpayer, voter, civil engineer, reporter, blogger, rabble-rouser and honest guy.
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2 Responses to Who The Heck is (or was) S.W. Jack Drilling, Co?

  1. tried to talk to Ms. Toretti once. she was as opaque as all the other GOP benefactors and rainmakers who make it all happen. what about the Gettysburg Foundation? What do they do? What’s up with the Hershey Trust lately? What about Ridge and Brian Nutt? What does Bob Asher want to do about Corbett? What does Pat Meehan think about the way he was run off from gubernatorial run? Ask some of the people who worked for Jim Gerlach’s ill-fated campaign if they were scared of the heat AG Corbett’s people threatened to bring. I hope to goodness that the Democrats can free themselves of the Rendell past and, as AG Kane has started to do, shine the light on the way PA works.


    • steventodd says:

      Nice insights, Laura. Come back and help us find answers 😉

      Never heard of Gettysburg Foundation, or any of the others. Will snoop around. No comment on the Trust, until after my election to Derry Twp Supervisor in Nov.

      Both of the only two parties allowed at the table are completely broken by non-constituent money. The good news is I think We The People are starting to realize it. Now, will we step away from the Kardasians and Super Bowl long enough to do something? I think so, I really do…for my 11-hr old’s sake, I have to.

      Take care out west.


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