Opposed to Chipotle in downtown Hershey? Forget Zoning, Focus on Traffic

My advice in the comments to the link PennLive article follows:

This proposed land use will be allowed or disallowed on the Traffic Impact Study (TIS). Anyone opposed should invest their limited resources in challenging/verifying that. Focus on these two key quotes:

However, those numbers were (the developers’) projections – and not an actual full traffic study.

He (opponent Christ) said that based upon his calculations the restaurant would generate roughly 500-plus cars per day, a volume the alleyway could not handle.

There appears to be much room for interpretation here, although Christ is not a traffic engineer. Regardless, there is little option to mitigate adverse traffic impact given the existing site.

“Chipotle wants a certain sized restaurant with a certain number of seats,” Crist said. “That’s not a hardship, that’s a business plan.”

True, and a zoning challenge may (or may not) stop it for a little while. But opponents should not expend too many limited resources here. Remember the Patt Hotel proposed at the site of the former municipal complex? It did not meet the hardship criteria. The elected Supervisors just changed the zoning (unanimously, if I recall correctly); the epitome of “spot zoning”. Now, a hotel almost as big meets the zoning, and is almost complete.


Several concerned citizens have commissioned their own review of the TIS.  Attached is the review letter.  It has 10-pages of concerns, which seems like an awful lot of review comments.

Chipotle TIS Review, ELA


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3 Responses to Opposed to Chipotle in downtown Hershey? Forget Zoning, Focus on Traffic

  1. steventodd says:

    The Zoning Hearing Board doesn’t require a TIS to make its ruling on relief of zoning requirements. The Land Development Plan will require one, if the following conditions are met:


    § 185-42. Traffic study required.

    A. Whenever a proposed development activity regulated by this chapter is proposed which is expected to generate 100 or more peak hour vehicle trips (inbound or outbound), the applicant shall submit a traffic impact study prepared in accordance with this chapter.

    B. The Township may also require a traffic impact study to be prepared whenever current traffic problems exist in the area which, in the opinion of the Township, are likely to be impacted by the proposed development activity.



  2. Augustus says:

    They seem to have gone the extra mile to ensure that every customer’s experience is a positive one. I know that on my local high street alone there is not only a Pizza Hut, but also many other franchises such as Domino’s, Donatos and East of Chicago.
    Often times this is the most cost effective and direct way for the shops to advertise to you, so
    they are usually loaded with pizza specials.


    • steventodd says:

      The opposition is almost solely to Chipotle being cited on the is lot. I have heard no complaints about the company. While it may be cost effective to be located here, there are external cost to the residents. Those must be duly addressed.


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