Political Revolution and Our Special Persons

Tough but I think honest critique on all of “our team” of national elected figures, as exposed by this campaign.

Someone's Gotta Do It.png

Sen Warren, especially. I haven’t lost as much faith in her as you seem to have. But I have lost some faith.

I did not know that Turner had endorsed HRC then came onboard. That buys her a little more in my book than it seems to have in yours.

I think we need to be willing to accommodate ‘calculated’ allies as Grayson. Few who bother to sacrifice their lives and souls for politics (and trust me, it takes all of you) will be as pure as TheBern. I admit that I am not.

Bravo on Sherrod Brown and Cory Booker. Although I generally approve of them both (as I do Obama) neither has The Revolution in their blood. It needed said, but prepare for liberal backlash; both are rightfully well-liked otherwise among us.

Well done. Very well done. So much so that I’ve re-blogged it.

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Bernie Sanders News Conference at the National Press Club, Highlights

“In this campaign we have taken on the entire Democratic Establishment…”

“We have received more individual campaign contributions – 7.5M – than any other Presidential campaign in history…coming from the working class of this country, averaging $27 a campaign contribution.”

“What the Political Revolution has shown is that we can run a political campaign without a Super PAC, and without being dependent on big money interests.”

“People know – whether your progressive or conservative – that a corrupt campaign finance system is undermining American democracy…they understand that when you have a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality, yes, large profitable corporations and wealthy individuals are going to have to pay more in taxes.”

“It is virtually impossible for Sec Clinton to reach a majority of delegates by June 14…with pledged delegates alone. She will need super delegates…Convention will be a contested contest.”

“Many of the super delegates committed to Sec Clinton even before we got into this campaign. In other words, way back then, she was the anointed candidate.”

“While we have won 45% of the pledged delegates…we have won only 7% of the super delegates…we have won 73% of the state of Washington…Clinton has 10 Super Delegates, we have zero.”

“I would ask that the super delegates in those states where we have won decisive victories, or for that matter where Sec Clinton has won decisively, to vote in line with the wishes of their voters.”

“In every battleground state – where maybe the Democrat wins, maybe won by Republican candidate – we beat Trump by larger margins than Clinton [in addition to sweeping national polls for months].”

“What every person in Philadelphia who goes to the Convention understands is that we must have the strongest candidate…I think the objective evidence shows that I am that candidate.”

Full Speech

May 7 UPDATE: And Still, Some Democrats Don’t Get It

Here is a well-written and accurate description of the unfolding which is and will occur. Except the writer still takes the arrogant tone:

“Democrats are eyeing the day after the California primary as a likely time to end this.”

Good for ‘Democrats’. No one asked this Democrat; this former and current candidate, this regular supporter of Dem candidates at all levels, this currently-elected County Committeeperson.

This Democrat is eyeing the Convention as the next time to even evaluate our path forward. Same with hundreds of thousands, or maybe millions, of Democrats…including one Bernie Sanders.

They appear to have not asked Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director, who says herein that: “We’re working with BOTH OF OUR campaigns…”

Hmm…they must have accidentally only asked other Democrats. Like maybe former PA Governor Ed Rendell, who says herein: “But somewhere along the line, particularly after June 7, they will come in and take over the convention.”

Keep on your toes, Berners. No one will ‘take over’ our Democratic convention as long as I am a Democrat. But as we say:


#FeelTheBern…which has very little to do with electing Bernie Sanders, per his words and ours.

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“People from Both Ends of the Political Spectrum Come Together to try to Keep Fracking from Coming to Their Towns”

Derry Environmental Advisory Committee to Screen

Sunday, May 22, 2:00 pm
Hershey Public Library, 701 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey, PA

Admission is FREE !!!

New York State has banned fracking completely and Maryland has a moratorium on it until October 2017, but Texas has banned towns from banning it. This is the varied political landscape on this method of drilling for natural gas called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in the United States. Pennsylvania is in the thick of it, with thousands of wells already drilled. In March, two families in Dimock, PA, received a $4.24 million judgment of negligence on the part of the gas company they say contaminated their wells, and some are hoping this will increase the groundswell of activity against fracking.

Fracking isn’t just about chemicals being injected underground and accidentally being released into wells along with methane gas, it’s also about what’s happening above ground. In a short documentary film to be shown by the Derry Environmental Action Committee, Groundswell Rising: Protecting Our Children’s Air and Water, residents of Pennsylvania and other states with heavy fracking talk about their experiences having their wells contaminated, but also about things like having high-volume truck traffic going past their homes (50 to 60 miles per hour) and having wells drilled just outside their yards and lowering their property values dramatically.

Some argue that natural gas is a bridge to tide people over from coal to renewable energy sources in the future, but studies are finding that fracking is causing more damage than expected, for example, by releasing much more methane into the air than was originally thought and by causing earthquakes. In the 50-minute film, people from both ends of the political spectrum come together to try to keep fracking from coming to their towns, disturbing their peace, and marring their environment.

One of the film’s executive producers, Mark Lichty, will answer questions afterward. For more information, contact DEAC at DerryEAC@gmail.com.

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Steve Todd’s 2016 Liberal Voting Guide

1) Bernie Sanders for POTUS. The only liberal candidate for this office, in my opinion. Here’s my opinion on that race:


2) Joe Sestak for Senate. Here is why:


3) Josh Shapiro for Attorney General. I can also live with Stephen Zappala. Please do not vote for John Morganelli.

4) Auditor General and Treasure are uncontested. Both good guys.

5) If you are in PA Senate District 15 (Dauphin County except southeast and Perry County), please re-elect Rob Teplitz for State Senate. He is the incumbent, and has generally done what I like. He has an opponent who has no chance to beat the GOP challenger, who will be loaded with cash.

6) If you are in CD15 (Charlie Dent is your Congressman), please vote for all 5 Bernie Sanders Delegates to the Dem Convention. I am one of them (yeah, me!), then…

7) If you are in CD15 (Charlie Dent is your Congressman), please write in KAREN FERIDUN as your sixth delegate choice. I know she will stand for all liberals hold dear at the Convention; she is a friend of mine, the head of Berks Gas Truth, if you follow the fracking battles.


8) If the ballot question to extend judges retirement age to 75 is on there, vote NO. We need new voices on our courts, and this is the GOP’s effort to keep older Republican judges on the bench, as PA now has a heavy Dem voting advantage. They may remove that initiative question, but if it is there, please vote against it.

9) If you are in the 106th Legislative House District (John Payne is your Representative), please, please, please do NOT write in Tom Mehaffie on the Democratic side. He has blanketed our district Dems with postcards instructing us how to do so, but offering not one reason why we would. And for good reason: He is neither a Democrat, nor a liberal leader. The whole flyer thing is as deceptive as it is a huge waste of cash. But then his owners Mike Musser and Kevin Sidella have cash to burn, as exemplified by his huge billboards in what is essentially an unchallenged race.
Fiscal prudence? Even Rs gotta wonder.

That’s it. Happy voting!

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“Something’s Happening in the Presidential Campaign,” April 8, 2016 blog by Dave Lindorff

“Something’s Happening…” is an excellent analysis, not just of the 2016 Democratic Primary. Of 2016 US politics:

“Sanders’ growing army of idealistic supporters, at least 25% of whom now say that they could never vote for Clinton”

“Perhaps a Clintonian “scorched-earth” campaign…could succeed in derailing the Sanders campaign… But if it did succeed, there would be no “unifying” possible later.”

The above undeniable truths, coupled with the equally evident situation in the Trump vs lame stream GOP slugfest, leaves the following viable. Not likely, but not at all unforeseeable. So are any number of other scenarios, in the very near future. The two major parties are equally unresponsive, therefore equally broken, and therefore equally vulnerable to such an attack. And that is good for America. Regardless if it happens this cycle or not.


“But what if, as seems increasingly likely, Trump goes to the Republican convention with the largest number of delegates but not an absolute majority, and then at a brokered convention, party leaders install an alternative candidate — either Ted Cruz or perhaps a more “acceptable” candidate? Trump has already warned that he might in that case run as an independent or third party candidate — something he clearly has the support and the money to do.

At that point we’d have a three-way race between Clinton, a Republican and Trump. What would Sanders do then? His backers, who have already provided his campaign with over $140 million in small donations and seem to be a bottomless well of support, will be calling for him to run too. Perhaps he would.

If it came to that, perhaps the Green Party should consider the bold idea of making him its standard bearer — a move that would assure his already high-flying campaign a place on the ballot in virtually every state, and that would simultaneously suddenly catapult the Green Party from an election footnote capable of winning a percent or two of votes to a major-league party vying for the top prize (and maybe some seats in Congress into the bargain)…

The public is ready for such a tectonic shift in American politics. The level of disgust with establishment politics and politicians is palpable on the street, in bars, coffee shops, colleges and workplaces…

With a little help from The Donald, it could even happen.”

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Election Fraud in Arizona’s 2016 Primary is Now a Matter of Public Record Testimony

On Monday, March 28, 2016, at 10:00 am, Public Testimony to Arizona Election Suppression was taken by the Arizona House of Representatives, in Room: HHR 4, 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ

It was Live streamed: http://www.azhouse.gov/liveproceedings.asp

Highlights documenting voter fraud include:

Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan testified voter registrations changed without permission:

“It’s not hearsay, it happened to someone in my own office. One of my employees was registered as a particular voter, went to go vote, and it happened to him. So we know it happened.”

Diane Post, Arizona poll worker, witnessed:

“19 times a Democrat was called Republican and three times a Republican was called a Democrat.”

Complete Coverage Summarizing Highlights

Video Testimony from Normal Voters, including:

“There has been 4,000 confirmed people that had their registration changed. Everyone I know that had their registration changed was a Bernie Sanders supporter.”

April 5, 2016 UPDATE: US DoJ Launches Investigation

Laura Packard, of Voter Rights Action just informed me that “DOJ is launching an investigation into the dramatic decrease in polling sites (especially in minority communities) and resulting 5-hour lines to vote in Arizona.”

Sure enough it is true.

Maybe it had to do with our “just under half a million…anti-voter suppression signatures” that Voter Rights Action filed last week.  Or maybe, it had to do with these 213,051 signatures to The White House directly.  Or maybe, someone just noticed that this ain’t quite kosher.

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Bernie Sanders – Democrats’ Best Shot

It’s time we Democrats come together around our best chance to win.

Or so we Berners are told over and over again.

The following are the Nebraska Primary Winners of recent challenged races –

Bernie Sanders 2016
Mitt Romney 2012 (Obama unchallenged incumbent)
Obama & McCain 2008
Gore & W Bush 2000

This is not to pin NE with picking the winner. But it contrasts with a zoom into Hillary’s base of Primary wins thus far, and to how it translates into a General election against a Republican challenger.

Take a look at the map of the former Confederate States of America:

Confederate Map.png

Now check the US 2016 Primary map as of March 10 – credit: Meg McAuley‎


No Dem will take many of the General election’s Electoral College votes in these deepest red states: roughly VA and south, and east of NM. All of Hillary’s decisive wins – those of 60% or better – come from these states alone.

Dems do well in FL, and I expect Sanders to in this Primary. Otherwise, no 2016 Democratic path to victory includes many votes in the south, except FL.

From this, one might even deduce HRC sweeping the midwest. The other predominantly red area of the USA. The other area of the USA scantly included in any 2016 Democratic path to victory.

North, east and west of the red states, we #FeelTheBern. Soon, even the press will have to quit pretending not to notice.

HRC’s highest vote totals come in places that rarely translate into many EC votes in the General. Outside those areas, things are much closer, so her base support in the bluer areas is much weaker.

Although HRC’s still got TheBern in the Dem Primary nationwide, in RCP amalgamation (albeit by less of a lead than just in early Feb), TheBern remains a better bet in the General, as he has long been:

TheBern still beats The Trumpmastermajor by more, and beats Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich; whereas:

HRC barely beats The Trumpster, and loses to Cruz, Rubio and Kasich.

Right now. Today.

This has been the trend for many months…although you wouldn’t know it from lame stream news coverage.


The dedicated delegate count stands at 663 to 457, HRC’s favor. That is not even a 60-40 lead, in the results of just 18 / 50 contests so far.

Out of 4,765 total delegates.

About 10% are superdelegates, which change with the fickle political winds, or always have. Ask HRC about 2008, when they went from “Go Hillary” to “Hillary Who” in very short time.

It is anyone’s ballgame, and we need to send our best shot forward to November

~ Steve Todd, Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Derry Twp, Precinct 12

MARCH 22 UPDATE – Lame Stream Corporate Media FINALLY Catches Up

Finally lame stream notices that she only wins red states, which will never vote for any Dem in POTUS 2016, AND that TheBern does better than her against all three Rs.


Even it can not ignore the facts any longer. Expect more to come. Especially after this week’s elections.

Hasn’t social media and alternative media been screaming that since there were four R’s? Why: yes, yes we have. Right here, for one.

Per the Washington Post link: “According to OpenSecrets, 70 percent of the individual contributions to Sanders’s campaign come from small donors. Only 19 percent of Clinton’s individual contributions come from small donors”

We must start to chose our elected representation based on who funds their campaigns.

MARCH 27 UPDATE – Stay in the Lines…

With more states weighing in, the results when shaded by depth of win per county, are a staggering display of the deep division in our 50 US states:

0327 by county.jpg


Dem Primary wins 040616

Dem Primary wins 040616


APRIL 8 UPDATE – The Proof in McClatchy/Marist Poll

Per April 7 McClatchy/Marist poll:

Clinton beats Trump by 9 points.
Sanders beats Trump by 20 points.

Clinton is TIED with Cruz.
Sanders BEATS Cruz by 12 points.

Clinton LOSES to Kasich by 9 points.
Sanders BEATS Kasich by 11 points.

McClatchy Marist Poll General Election, April 2016

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