Take the Muslim Registry Pledge

Donald Trump has said he intends to create a registry of Muslims living in the United States, and a registry of Muslims entering the United States.

Fight back, against our enemy who would do this to our fellow Americans.

If Trump implements a Muslim registry, all Americans should pledge to register as Muslims in solidarity.


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“The Disastrous Failure Of Lesser Evilism” and the Failed US Two-Party Duopoly

This critique of Dems from the Left, is also an excellent analysis on the utter breakdown of our two party system. I’d bet the same case can be made from the Right against the GOP’s clinging to the widely unpopular Trump: ‘At least our horrible corporate candidate isn’t the other slightly worse one.’

Pathetic, my fellow citizens. Absolutely pathetic.

“Fatally missing from most liberal analysis (and political strategy) is that the main fuel powering Trump’s campaign is popular rage at the corporate corruption of the political establishment.

Unfortunately, the failure of union and progressive leaders to offer an independent, anti-establishment challenge to Trump leaves the right-wing an open field to exploit the popular anger.

…by bending social movement priorities around the singular goal of electing the Democratic Party, and by clinging to the false hope of one day “reclaiming” the Democratic Party from big business domination, the left is undermining its ability to defend people of color, women, immigrants, and working people generally from right-wing attacks.

The policy of covering up for the corporate character of the Democratic Party remains a central strategic failure of the unions and progressive leadership in America.”

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Trump and Local Republican candidates – Birds of a Feather.

Local PA Republican candidates Lou Barletta, Otto Voit and Sue Helm cheering assault on Trump protester.

Barletta and Helm are also sitting elected officials, sworn to represent ALL their constituents, not just the GOP and conservative ones.

Check out the fans, though! These animals are freaks…and our neighbors.
And so are Trump, Barletta, Voit and Helm.

Shame on all of you.

Excellent video analysis work by my friend Jonathan Antoun !

Helm is running against my friend and kind-hearted Jody Rebarchak, for PA House District 104 Representative. I am certain she would never cheer and chant “USA” while a mob beats a protestor.

Voters of PA House District 104, choose accordingly in November.

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#Solidarity with #NoDAPL, Against all Enemies Domestic


Pennsylvania Public Schools Retirement System, or PSERS, major shareholder in Energy Transfer Partners, which is paying mercenaries to sic dogs on native Americans

Here, I call on PSERS to stop funding this immorality.  As always, the cowardly anonymous comments (at the end) try to justify this assault on our citizens & planet.  Added bonus of a little humor, free of charge.

“Stop the pipeline, respect Native American rights and let us move forward to transform our energy systems away from fossil fuels.”

~ Bernie Sanders, protesting at White House


For-profit entity Enbridge Energy Partners, dba Energy Transfer Partners, have invaded a sovereign nation (or more than one), within our own continent.

Crickets. I find one (1) story on NBC for ‘DAPL Protest’. I haven’t checked how many about who won the stupid Olympics, but I doubt one person can count them.

I guess that is where we come in.

Where in the hell is lame stream corporate media? Jesus, I hope one of the Kardashians doesn’t sneeze or someone throws a ball really far or something. They’ll be overloaded with stories then.

What’s worse is that neither corporately-owned major party candidate will be allowed to stand with the sovereign citizens over their for-profit, non-human incorporated entities.

Because these native Americans are not sovereign, and anyone who tells us they are is lying to our faces. I will gladly tell them that. Over and over and over, until we have a representative government.

I haven’t watched a major network news cast for about a decade. And I am a news junkie. I don’t foresee a reasonable scenario whereby I would ever feel the need to again; I simply do not trust corporate media to tell me the truth.

#Solidarity with #NoDAPL

Stop construction of Dakota Access Pipeline on sovereign Native American reservations. Petition the White House; we already have more than enough signatures to require a response, but the more the better:


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Retraction / Clarification of York Daily Record Interview

I am Steve Todd, as cited in the article about the 2016 Democratic Convention, to which I was honored to have been voted in by over 30,000 voters in PA Congressional District 15.

I said much during our extensive interview. I categorically deny (or retract, as most appropriate) that I have not ruled out voting Trump. I will never vote for a racist as him, and apologize if I indicated or said I would. I will consider all other candidates.

(Photo: Jeremy Long, Lebanon Daily News)

News me at DNC

Bernie Delgates ( l to r) Susan Ann Rosemarie, Steve Todd and Peter Buckland deep in strategy conference…or just goofing off

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Outsiders, Insiders, and The Long Game: Democratic National Convention 2016

This gentleman interviewed me at the DNC Convention. He also interviewed a bunch of others, and attended a far more diverse schedule of events than we delegates could. A well written overview, featuring me, which is of course, the best part.



The Outsiders

My brother dropped me off at the Pittsburgh Greyhound Station an hour before sunrise. The last time I rode the hound in the late 90s, the station at the corner of 10th and Liberty was drab and dirty and poorly lit and depressing, a murder scene from a gritty crime drama. Now it has flat-screen TVs, lots of places to sit, fluorescent lights, air conditioning, no smoking, well-stocked vending machines, Wi-Fi, and it’s mostly clean.

But the Greyhound riders are the same. The occasional old dude with all his belongings in cardboard box who looks like he just got out of prison is still there, and the rail-thin tweaker lady who is about to go nuclear because she misplaced her keys is still there. But most Greyhound riders are just average, broke Americans who can’t afford to fly: a mixed crowd of poor folks of all…

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Bernie no Matter what Party if Any: the time has never been better for a better choice

The latest NBC/SurveyMonkey makes a great case that:

1) We have the most unpopular and least trusted major candidates ever, and that

2) the time has never been better for a better choice.

42% Clinton

38% Trump

9% Libertarian Gary Johnson

5% Green Jill Stein

Note that without conservative Johnson and liberal Stein, majority candidates are tied at 47.

Note that with or without minor parties in, no candidate wins a majority of the vote, only a plurality. In such a case, the GOP House of representatives chooses POTUS.

I firmly believe that Bernie POTUS / Stein VP would beat all the other three, no matter who they ran with as VP. I also strongly believe that this would not occur ot with a Stein / Sanders ticket.

TheBern might beat all four no matter who any of them run with, but with Stein still in, her votes hurt him the most.


Consider that no candidate in our history (of any party) has raised as much money, or as high a percentage of their money, from individual citizens in small dollar donations as Sanders has.

And no third party candidate:

1) has received 46% of Democratic Primary support.

2) had the support of 64% of independent voters.

3) has polled nearly as well against both frontrunners the way Sanders does – 15 points above Trump, and beating Trump better than Clinton.

4) faced off against the most unpopular and least trusted major candidates.

The time has never been better for a better choice.

I’m with Bernie if he runs, no matter which stupid party if any he runs in.

Clinton won’t challenge Trump on any liberal position of substance.

She can’t win by tacking left, her only hope is to tack right. Because she has little support and almost no enthusiasm from the left.

Bernie can win by honestly being TheBern. It is huge problem; one our Democratic party had better deal with. But to do that, it will first have to admit the problem exists. And so far, heads firmly in sand.

So we must force their buried heads to notice us.

We do need to get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein into the debates. Here is why.

On Oct 27, 2012 I submitted the following to PennLive.com for publication. It never ran, and that is to bad. That single third party debate covered more important issues than all the countless Obama / Romney debates, watched by few outside those whose minds were already made up:


From: Steve Todd
Sent: Sat 10/27/12 1:13 PM
To: Jeanette Krebs, Patriot Editorial Page (editpg@patriot-news.com); Letters to Patriot Editor (letters@patriot-news.com); Patriot As I See It (asiseeit@pnco.com)
Subject: Letter/Op-Ed Request: Three’s a Crowd

On Oct. 23, I watched the Presidential Debate on C-SPAN. I reported live on my Twitter feed – @stevenwtodd. Mainstream Media barely mentioned this awesome debate!

Obama and Romney were invited, but did not attend. All other announced candidates – Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode, and Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson – gave a nice mix across the political spectrum.

No one promised to cut my taxes. No arguing over who loves military actions more, without mentioning who pays for such passion. All said they would reduce the military and the drug war, with three promising to end the drug war. No arguing over who loves burning coal, gas and oil more, without a peep on how the planet will survive. Climate change was discussed by three of the four candidates. All would level the field to qualify for, and minimize private cash in, elections. Three want term limits, two enough to amend the constitution. Three would give our LGBT citizens equal rights; two want to amend the Constitution so corporations are no longer people. All would have vetoed NDAA and warrantless wiretaps, one calling indefinite detention the “definition of tyranny”. One called both the Democratic and Republican parties “militarist-corporatists”, a claim hard to dispute, given the actions and finances of both. None would allow drone bombing, one called the military-industrial complex “treason.”

Compare this to the discussions during the three Obama/Romney debates, to which only they were invited (Stein was arrested trying to enter one such exclusive function). Perhaps that fact lead Gary Johnson to say: “Whether Obama or Romney is elected, a heightened police state and military presence, and further monetary collapse, are givens.” [280 words]

Steve Todd

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