Mineral Leases, Eminent Domain and Forced Pooling Leave Mortgage Holders Liable

As this letter from a mortgage lender to their customer clearly states:

Uniform Deeds of Trust, used by most mortgages, defaulted when minerals leased or Rights-of-Way sold or taken by Eminent Domain and Forced Pooling.

Payment in full may be collected by the lender from proceeds.

PNC Letter to Customer

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The Circle Remains Unbroken. We Pay the Costs on Both Sides

Patrick Henderson was Governor Tom Corbett’s lapdog on protecting the Oil & Gas Lobby’s red carpet around hinderances from the citizens who have the nerve to live in PA and own its public lands and infrastructure. On our dime, he was supposedly advising our Governor (also on our dime) about the energy policy best for us.

Now watch him lamely try to tear me apart for noticing preferential treatment the Oil & Gas Lobby buys itself from those elected of, by and for us…in theory anyway.

My points:


Henderson’s apologist letter for the O&G Lobby which at that time he did not work for:


My counter to the inaccurate statements by Henderson:


Flash forward to after he and Corbett were defeated in the 2014 landslide

…and…That was fast. One week after his public service ends. Almost like it was discussed beforehand or something.

Corbett Yes-man on #Fracking, Patrick Henderson, now Marcellus Shale Coalition Director Of Regulatory Affairs.


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2015 PA Progressive Summit in Harrisburg

I co-presented on Sat, 2/7, 1:45 pm Session II – The Realpolitik of Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy.  Thanks to all who filled every seat in our presentation; sorry to those many who peeked in, saw no seats and left.

I focused on the political barriers to progress.  In other words, nothing will be allowed of, by and for We The People until we cut the purse strings held by the few who benefit from harming us and our planet Earth.

In this clear-eyed look at how our changing energy profile affects the economy, we explored the economic, political, scientific and environmental issue which must be addressed as the US and other developed countries migrate to low-carbon energy sources. We focused on environmental realities and priorities, positive and negative economic impacts of our changing sources of energy, scientific and technological limitations and enablers of change, and the political barriers to progress.


Joshua Low, Deputy Policy & Legislative Director, Voices for Progress

Shaughnessy Naughton, President; Naughton Publishing Inc; and Executive Director of 314PAC

Steve Todd, PE, LEED AP, Executive Director, Todd Engineering LLC, Director, Stewards of the Lower Susquehanna, Precinct 12 Derry Township, Dauphin County Committee Member

Ritchie Tabachnick, President, Equipment & Controls Africa, LLC, Director, Breen Energy Solutions LLC, and Chairman of the Board, Keystone Progress



2015 PA Progressive Summit, Harrisburg, PA - Sold Out

2015 PA Progressive Summit, Harrisburg, PA – Sold Out

I was honored to have presented at this year’s summit, which for the first time ever sold out the Harrisburg Hilton.  Here is my full narrative, from which I spoke for about 15 minutes during our fine group’s presentation:

Prog Panel Presentation: “WHAT’S OUR EXCUSE? – Political Barriers to a Low Carbon Energy Conversion”

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Bush and Clinton are Fine…No, Really

My latest in PennLive “Jeb Bush v. Hillary Clinton 2016? Yawn. Give me Ted Cruz v. Elizabeth Warren.”


The larger point is not that HRC and Jeb aren’t qualified. Their fine.

But on Oct 27, 2012 I submitted the following to PL for publication. It never ran, and that is to bad. That single third party debate covered more important issues than all the countless Obama / Romney debates, watched by few outside those whose minds were already made up:


From: Steve Todd
Sent: Sat 10/27/12 1:13 PM
To: Jeanette Krebs, Patriot Editorial Page (editpg@patriot-news.com); Letters to Patriot Editor (letters@patriot-news.com); Patriot As I See It (asiseeit@pnco.com)
Subject: Letter/Op-Ed Request: Three’s a Crowd

On Oct. 23, I watched the Presidential Debate on C-SPAN. I reported live on my Twitter feed – @stevenwtodd. Mainstream Media barely mentioned this awesome debate!

Obama and Romney were invited, but did not attend. All other announced candidates – Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode, and Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson – gave a nice mix across the political spectrum.

No one promised to cut my taxes. No arguing over who loves military actions more, without mentioning who pays for such passion. All said they would reduce the military and the drug war, with three promising to end the drug war. No arguing over who loves burning coal, gas and oil more, without a peep on how the planet will survive. Climate change was discussed by three of the four candidates. All would level the field to qualify for, and minimize private cash in, elections. Three want term limits, two enough to amend the constitution. Three would give our LGBT citizens equal rights; two want to amend the Constitution so corporations are no longer people. All would have vetoed NDAA and warrantless wiretaps, one calling indefinite detention the “definition of tyranny”. One called both the Democratic and Republican parties “militarist-corporatists”, a claim hard to dispute, given the actions and finances of both. None would allow drone bombing, one called the military-industrial complex “treason.”

Compare this to the discussions during the three Obama/Romney debates, to which only they were invited (Stein was arrested trying to enter one such exclusive function). Perhaps that fact lead Gary Johnson to say: “Whether Obama or Romney is elected, a heightened police state and military presence, and further monetary collapse, are givens.” [280 words]

Steve Todd


Case in Point – The Huge Elephant (and Donkey) in the Room

While a vote for say Jeb Bush is a vote to continue failed American interventions, I hope a vote for HRC is not as well. But I do NOT get a better feeling from her.

Jeb Bush co-signed the Statement of Principles of 1997’s little known, and never discussed “Project for the New American Centuries” (PNAC). For context, perpetual neocon blowhard William Kristol, who somehow has more pressing matters to attend to when it comes time to bleed in a ditch in some country few Americans can find on a map, was Co-founder and Chairman.

The premier Who’s Who of modern neocon hypocrisy signed that cheerleading document for #EndlessWar. Signers besides J Bush include Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Steve Forbes and Scooter Libby. Many of them were either in the administration, or publicly supportive, of W Bush’s war-first, questions-later invasion policy.

PNAC, though, is just a continuation of the failed #EndlessWar and foreign policy of every POTUS since Eisenhower (with the arguable exception of Carter), and maybe before. And thus my fears for an HRC administration. I don’t see her having the ability to question much less challenge such foolish waste of lives and of my family’s tax money. Given the laundry list of her biggest funders, it is impossible to imagine.

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,300 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Prayers for Slain Police Officers. Prayers still for Those Slain Otherwise.

I have been searching my soul for the right words to combat the intentional deflection the haters have instantly jumped on to make this the fault of the poor and non-white. KAJ does better than I could hope to…once again:

“…the suicidal killer, wasn’t an impassioned activist expressing political frustration, he was a troubled man who had shot his girlfriend (and himself) that same day.” I add: The same day he killed two non-white police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

“Police are not under attack, institutionalized racism is. Trying to remove sexually abusive priests is not an attack on Catholicism, nor is removing ineffective teachers an attack on education.” ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Time


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My 2016 Presidential Election: Electoral Map Predictions

As of right now: 196 Dem, 169 R no matter who runs in either party.

173 votes up for grabs.

A strong part of my gut says CO’s 10 votes will go Dem, but I’ll leave it swing for now.

2016 Electoral Prediction

2016 Electoral Prediction

February, 2015 Fine Tune – Pretty close to Gallup’s take on 2014, although they are looking at all elections, not just POTUS.  I might give NC and IA Red for POTUS, but then I would have to give at least MN Blue.  All 3 stay swing now, but barely.

Gallup analysis of 2014

Gallup analysis of 2014

Start with mine, and make it your own 2016 POTUS election map:


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